Monday, 30 December 2013

UPDATE! New Camera! Youtube videos in 2014 & more...

Hello my lovely readers!

You know the exciting news I mentioned in my last post? Well its been delivered! I GOT THE CANON 700D. I'm probably far more excited about this any of you but it's a news that will be effecting us both as having this camera along with the tripod means I can make better quality youtube videos in 2014 and the pictures on this blog will be of better quality too! 

sorry for the bad quality the pictures were taken using false lighting rather than natural as i wanted to get this post out as soon as too excited not to!

Once my memory card for the camera arrives (expected to come 4th January) I will be able to start taking good quality photos for this blog as well as good quality videos for my youtube channel - if you're not already subscribed what are you waiting for? Links at the top of this page and here.

I just wanted to thank you guys for reading my blog and for those who have watched my videos it means the absolute world to me, hopefully I can continue making posts and videos for you in the new year and who knows what could happen? Happy new year guys and thank you!

If you have any requests/suggestions for videos that you'd like to see come 2014 please don't be shy and comment them bellow! It will help out a lot and it will mean I can make them more frequently.

Till' next time,

- A


  1. I'm soo happy for you!! You've been wanting a camera and now you've got one. YAY!


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