Thursday 2 October 2014

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 'Black Chrome'


To get back into the full swing of the blogger life again, I thought what better way to kick start than with a review? 
After purchasing this product I soon realised that I had actually bought the wrong shade because as it turns out Maybelline does a few shades of 'Black'. I would've much preferred to have gotten 'Intense Black', but that's just me being picky - more to life than a winged liner Aida!

As far as packaging goes Maybelline has managed to make gel eyeliner rather elegant looking, although the brush could be improved - an angled brush would work much better, its an overall 'nifty' little product.
The gel eyeliner also tends to dry up on the brush causing it to go unusable unless you clean it off with a wet wipe before each application.

The consistency is to die for, honestly. Rich, smooth and creamy it glides so completely effortlessly. I personally don't wear this on it's own but instead layered on top of the Collection Pen liquid liner simply because I just can't do a winged eyeliner look without a pen. Doing this said layering with the different liners makes the product last an incredibly long time, without imprinting as much onto my lid as it would say, with the collection liner alone. Having said this I do believe my eye lids are oily, making it practically impossible to wear products that aren't long lasting.

Overall I would give this a 8/10, losing marks on the brush (although it's not horrendous) and the fact that Black Chrome contains slight shimmer and glitter to do it, not quite a dark black either. Be warned.

I'm sorry this is a short post! Comment bellow if you've ever tried the Maybelline Gel eyeliners and what you thought! 

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