Thursday 30 May 2013

GlossyBox: May 2013 (review)

To begin with, an apology - i'm very sorry that i didn't post on Wednesday (yesterday) because basically it wasn't a good day for me at all, i wasn't in the mood and really couldn't make a post otherwise it would've been a rant. not good. 

Now that that's over with...My May Glossybox!! this is very exciting as i've always wanted to subscribe but for some reason always held a few quick information about the glossy box.

  • It costs £10 a month (£12.95 with delivery)
  • You get 5 products that are often in miniature form
  • The products are a range of makeup, hair and everything beauty
I think one of the reasons i always held back was the fact i never knew if it was truly worth it and having seen one of my favourite bloggers unsubscribe from it, it only made me more uncertain. However i took a risk and now im a 'Glossy' as they call it. 
Glossybox May 2013

Since this is the Glossybox's 2nd anniversary the packaging was all about that particular theme. 

The actual box it arrived in was a very pretty baby pink colour (which happens to be one of my favourite colours) and it was wrapped very elegantly (for a box anyway).

The actual products received were: 

R&G (roger and gallet) fleur de figuler sachets - a shower cream, body lotion and sample of the 'eau fraiche' perfume which i can already say smells divine! very floral and girly.  

A full sized 'jelly pong pong' fairy lashes mascara - this was a great thing to be included in the box as i have a huge obsession with mascaras and i'm not quite sure why so to be able to test brands that aren't quite as famous is always fun! The packaging reminds me of the mac lipsticks (that unique bullet shape) but extended, its a deep purple and as a very fine and rather small brush head. 

'Premae' harmony balm - This is a multi-tasker as it functions both as skin protector and a primer although the full 30ml retails for £26.50 the miniature size given in the glossy box (10ml) seems as though its more than enough to last as the consistency is very thick but blends incredibly well, a little really goes a long way with this. It also has aloe vera in which is great since i love all skin care products that have this in them. 

'Beautiful movements cosmetics' prime & create mixing medium - To me this was rather an odd product to receive and at only 2.5g it almost seems like a rip off! However this thought was before i realised what it actually does. This product is literally the mother of all multi-taskers because it acts like a primer creating a shine free matte surface, it can be turned into a cream foundation for flawless application, with powder blushes or bronzers for a cream tint and (yes there's still more) with eye shadow pigments to create liquid eyeliners, i personally like to call this makeup heaven in liquid form. 

'Headline colors' poolside party nail polish - This was a full sized nail polish which honestly excites me and im not quite sure why, the colour of this is chic and not something i would spend £9 on normally however when i applied this i fell in love. Literally, i love my bright colours for nail polish and this isn't something i would normally put on but its so simple and beautiful that i can honestly see it becoming my new favourite nail polish (or one of them anyway)

The colour is very subtle (as seen on my little finger in the picture) and i do realise that i smudged it a little - it was out of excitement ok?
Also excuse how short my nails are they aren't normally this short i had to cut them yesterday because they were all becoming a little too long, out of shape and uneven. 

To find out more about the Glossy Box and/or if you're thinking of subscribing click here


Monday 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday weekend + Tiny beauty haul!

I am honestly such an idiot. really, i am. So today i purchased a top from newlook and as soon as i arrived home i realised i bought a larger size. Never ever look at the hanger and always be careful, learn from my mistakes.

For a while i've wanted to try the collection 2000 (or collection as its now called) concealer because of the hype its been getting on youtube, instagram and many blogs!

I literally only bought 2 beauty things however my mum who claims not to be into makeup bought 3 liner (2 lips and 1 eye from rimmel) and a kate moss lipstick in 111 which is a classic red colour, she's already fallen in love with it and is wearing it around the house as we speak.well, type. 

I ended up buying the concealer in 02 light which was odd because in concealers im normally 03 medium and 02 light for under eye area however the medium shade was completely wrong for my skin because it had yellow/orange tinge and was just dark. Although at first impression the concealer looks amazing the colour range really is a let down. I think that they need a colour in between their light and medium, also need a darker colour.  If you have extremely fair skin the concealer actually has a shade called 01 which seems to be perfect.

As always if you want me to do a more in depth review of ANY product (not just the ones that i've purchased) please let me know and i will definitely do it.

Happy spring and i hope you all have had a lovely 3 day weekend!

ps. im sorry for not having pictures in last post (click here to view it) i will make sure to have a picture in every post.

click here for my last review 

Wednesday 22 May 2013

How to make Foundation + Lipstick sit nicely on skin

I would just like to point out that in the side bar (on the right) if you scroll down a little there's a Poll that i would like all of you to answer! It will just help me understand what you (as the viewer) would like to see.

Foundation/BB cream 

The trick to make foundation look good is to find what kind of skin you have...whether that may be dry, combination, normal or oily. Sometimes you'll find that your skin type is somewhere in between two of those so don't worry that's perfectly normal too, infact my personal skin tone varies from dry to combination!

Before applying foundation you need find a good scrub (either homemade or shop bought) and make sure that it's appropriate for your skin so if you have dry skin you don't want something that'll will dry it out even more! And vice versa. So you need gently but thoroughly exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells that can actually make you look dull and washed out.

Then apply a thick (oil free preferably) moisturiser and make sure you wait for it to dry before you begin applying your foundation. If you have larger pores (these are normally genetic) you may find that applying a primer before hand will help the foundation to apply smoothly, if not then skip this step.

When applying the actual foundation i wouldn't recommend using your fingers (unless you're using something light like a BB cream) but instead to opt for a blending sponge, stippling brush or foundation brush because this means you won't get any messy streaky lines all over your face.
You do have to remember that no matter how well you prep and prime your skin if the colour of the foundation is wrong for your skin it wont look good! Simple as that. Also bare in mind that the more you apply the more you're at risk of getting that 'Cakey' look.

If you have oily/combination skin, dust on some powder to set the foundation and stop it from slipping and sliding during the day. If you have dry skin you may just find that you have to dust some on in the T-Zone area rather than everywhere.


Lipstick is actually a lot like the foundation, your lips have to be exfoliated and moisturised however with lipstick you may find that moisturising before hand might get rid of the brightness of your lipstick and make it slide which can look like a big mess, i've tried this before i made this post - big no no. However some tinted lip balms (like the ones from miss sporty) they actually help the lipstick to look more natural and flattering - remember to match the tint of the balm with your lip colour also wear a blusher from the same family range so you dont clash colours.

Im deeply sorry that i don't have any pictures for this post i promise i will in future posts like all my posts normally do! To see the previous post click here

Monday 20 May 2013

Spring time + Exam stress

Even though there's 1 month and 1 day left until its technically summer (yes im counting)

It means that are lots of of exams coming up! For people in England- GCSEs and i know people in the US has their finals? i think...well wherever you are you probably have some exams coming up and the stress is just the worse means your skin breaks out, or gets incredibly dry, you're constantly tired and not in the mood - yay...

Just a few tips to avoid exam stress:

  • Eat a heavy/good breakfast - this is especially important if your exam is in the morning and don't underestimate the power of a good breakfast! it will literally get your brain in gear. SO DONT SKIP IT. mwah. 
  • As tempting as it don't stay up until late revising you actually won't remember anything that you read in the morning 
  • When studying take lots of breaks to give your brain and eyes a rest 
  • Try to space out when you revise/study over a period of time and not cram it all in one night 
  • Find methods that work for you and try to make it enjoyable (colours and pretty stationary work for me)
  • Understand that it's not the end of the world if you do mess up. Seriously it may seem like it is, but its not.
  • Don't compare your self to your friends, they're not you and they may not revise like you do. Although a little competition is good don't get too caught up in it, it could always backfire on you!
So onto the spring time thing, lets have a distraction from all the homework that we're all supposed to be doing (i know i do anyway!)

This was my original idea as to what to wear to my friend's birthday however the weather acted up and i had to go with the jeans instead but i wanted to include a picture in this post and please ignore the awkward pose i was trying to show that the top is cropped and the camera angle didn't really help me at all.

But yeah thats the outfit! The top is the same lace crop top from newlook, skirt is the denim skater skirt from topshop, necklace i actually can't remember im sorry!
But here is a close up of what it looks it, its almost like a pocket watch, but the screen flips open, i've had it for at least 3 years so im sorry but you can't get it in shops anymore.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Tip: Make Lipstick last longer

Considering i only post on some Saturdays i thought i'd make this post short! 

Alot of people find themselves reapplying lipstick constantly throughout the day or night, this is usually when they're wearing a more daring or bright colour and they want the colour to remain bright and even.

So i thought it would be appropriate (as i am one of the bright lipstick wearing people) to do a post on how to make them last longer. 

  1. So start off by scrubbing your lips with a scrub of your choice - personally i like the scrubs from lush because of their taste however you CAN make your own!
  2. Next apply a very thin layer of either vaseline/chapstick.
  3. Then apply the bright lipstick of your choice (pinks and corals look great for the spring/summer!)
  4. Grab a powder brush and lighty pat on translucent powder on the lips.
  5. Reapply another layer of the lipstick on top of the powder

I realise that this post is incredibly short so if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on monday/wednesday please comment bellow!

Ps my amazing mum bought me the Maybelline Mega Plush mascara so if anyone would like a review please comment so i can do posts that people actually want to see!

Previous review click here 


Wednesday 15 May 2013

Review: Benefits 'They're real!' mascara

This product has literally been the talk of every beauty enthusiasm, and more. People claim its the best mascara they've ever used in their life and even though the smaller size comes with a a price tag of around £9 they say its worth it. 

So when elle magazine brought it out as a 'free gift' in their magazine which was £4 of course i had to get it and see what the talk was all about. I can now say that i like it....but i don't love it. 



From this quick before and after you can tell that the mascara is actually really good at adding length and slight volume. However please note i did only apply one coat onto the lashes here because i find that with this mascara applying more than one coat can make it clumpy - if you like that look then go for it! But the actual brush of the mascara is really good because on the end it has bristles going all around which helps when you want to apply mascara onto the finer lashes of the eyes. 

The consistency of the mascara is actually something i really like because i find that it's thicker than the maybelline rocket volum' but thinner than the max factor clump defy. This means that when applied its not so thick that you feel like you have to drag the brush before your lashes actually get coated but its also not so runny and thin that you get it all over your eyelid when you blink. 

Overall i don't think that this mascara deserves ALL the hype that's it getting because it could be much better but needless to say its actually a really really really good mascara! I mean it does what it says! But if you are looking for something more on the cheaper side then the maybelline mascaras will probably be a better alternative than this 'high end' mascara from benefit. 

Ps i don't actually have a rim around my iris what you're seeing is the contact lens and on the before picture i've gotten a little bit of concealer onto my lashes which explains why they look grey.

Also good luck to everyone starting their Summer GCSE exams...i feel your pain people...i really do, we can all suffer together.  

Monday 13 May 2013

Liebster award!♥

     It's so exciting to be nominated for a liebester award by the lovely people of the blog Tawny fawns. Basically what i have to do is give 11 random facts about my self, do the 11 questions i was told to do, tag another 11 people to do this tag and make 11 questions for them! So here it is (p.s review up wednesday)
You also have to say who tagged you! (give credit to them with a link)

11 Random facts about me!
  1. I don't have a middle name
  2. My obsession with makeup began at the age of 3/4
  3. To study photography would be an absolute dream 
  4. Currently doing my GCSEs and i've picked/made to do : Triple science, geography, english literature, fine art, maths, english, 
  5. I used to make youtube videos but then stopped, im beginning to think about it again 
  6. I live in northern England 
  7. I'm fully Asian 
  8. I collect 'Glamour magazines' and empty perfume bottles (currently have 25 glamour magazines)
  9. Shopping is my addiction. 
  10. If i don't travel in the future then in my eyes I've failed life. 
  11. Reading books is another obsession, being able to get really deep into a book is just amazing BUT i've never read the harry potter series. 
Questions i was given!
1) What's your dream job?
To work in the world of media - magazines, film, advertising etc.. 

2) What are your top 3 shops to buy clothes from?
Probably, river island, topshop and Newlook

3) What's your idea of a perfect weekend?
Spending saturday with the people i love out and about shopping or meal or something and sunday being really lazy with close friends/family watching a movie in PJs

4) How many shoes do you own?
Too many. Although i don't actually LOVE shoes. I have more than 25, i can tell you that. 

5) What's your top 3 items of jewellery?
Anchor ring, daisy earings, camera necklace

6) What is your favourite lipstick for spring/summer?
Maybelline Vivids - Shocking coral 

7) What is your favourite place to buy Nail Varnish from?
Either Barry M or 17

8) Your favourite perfume at the moment?
Daisy marc jacobs - sunshine (i don't actually own it)

9) What is your skin care routine on a weekday?
Morning - wash with neutrogen visibly clear pore&shine daily scrub, tone with garnier rose toner for dry skin (i have combo skin but this is nice), moisturise with clean & clear dual action moisturiser
Night - Wash with clean & clear blackhead clearing scrub, tone with garnier rose toner for dry skin, moustursie with clean & clear dual action moisturiser 

10) Favourite magazine to read?
This is a little obvious - Glamour 

11) All time favourite book?
So far 'Stolen' by lucy christopher (bare in mind i've yet to read fault in our stars and looking for alaska)

I tag: 

If i've forgotten you and you follow me...I TAG YOU and please comment your blogs so i can follow you lovely people back!

sorry i cheated i have less people tagged but thats because the people that follow me some don't have blogs! 

My 11 questions: 
  1. what's your favourite spring/summer nail polish?
  2. 3 makeup items you couldn't live without?
  3. Favourite hobby?
  4. If you could only buy one of these things for the rest of your life what it be - Mascara or foundation?
  5. Whats your all time favourite book?
  6. Hair - straight or curly?
  7. Lips - nude or bright?
  8. Would you rather wear a BB cream or Foundation?
  9. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
  10. 3 words to describe your self?
  11. Would you ever donate hair (the one on your head) to a charity?

Saturday 11 May 2013

OOTD - A Friend's birthday Lunch

Helloo daisies (you are now called daisies because i love daisies) so today was a close friend's birthday however it was a casual one and we spent the afternoon in Las Iguanas eating food, so of course what i wore wasn't exactly exciting but i do need a new post! 
Excuse the awkward arms 

The top is a lace crop top that i purchased (seen in one of my previous hauls) its from the kids section in NewLook. The jeans are the famous Joni jeans from Topshop (which primark have done a copy of) 
As for shoes i went with white converse because i really had no idea what to wear. 

The joni jeans are such so unbelievably soft!! i cant begin to describe how soft they are. The more i look at this picture the more i realise its not really showing how nice they are also i've not lined the bottom to center which is why the zip looks a little crooked. sorry for the flaws in this photo!

The picture isn't actually from today (hence why the tags for the trousers are still on them) but me being lazy and everything i didn't take another picture!

Makeup was minimal however i now realise looked horrendous on camera with a flash (some brands of makeup  are just NOT made for taking pictures) but i enjoyed today so its fine. 

How has everyone's Saturday been so far? :)

Ps i was very bloated in the picture and i don't actually spill out of the jeans like that - i promise! Lots of Food & high waisted jeans = no no. 

Pps. retrica has decided to remove the logo from your pictures! But it now makes you watch an advert before actually taking the picture. you can never win with these apps. 

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Joni Jeans, Haul and beauty book (AKA one of the best Wednesdays ever)

Today i went shopping with one of my closest friends and honestly i don't think i've ever laughed so much in my life. Well i probably have but not in a shopping centre. 

I finally joined the crowd and purchased the oh - so famous joni jeans in the most liked colour (on instagram anyway) the light one! I also came home to find that my Lauren Conrad beauty book had arrived as well as some earrings from accessorize! Also did a little light shopping and bought presents for two friends birthdays. 

So it's official - But i do promise a post every Wednesday  Monday and sometimes saturday so here it is! If anyone wants me to do a review on the Beauty book or any of the products you see in the picture please comment below! 

Also im sorry that this post is so so boring i just didnt have much to post about and plus theres not much time left today (have to revise - boo for GCSEs)

click here for my last Long post (VS)

Nandos was nice. Yummy. chicken...hmm...


Monday 6 May 2013

Spring Time & Curly hair!

It's a Monday so?? BLOG POST. no body is probably as excited as i am! but oh well! 

So 'up north' we have finally gotten some sunshine!! Which is amazing so me and a friend (hello friend) decided to go out and about wondering like the 'gangsta' teens that we are...and i somehow managed to spend £7 which isn't a lot i know but when you go out with absolutely no intention of buying ANYTHING its quite a lot. 

Not much was purchased and can i point out that the ONLY reason i bought the Elle magazine was because of this beauty >>>>>

I know im a bit late and its not good to follow the crowd but i just had to see what all the hype about this product was! So if anyone is interested i'd happily do a review on it!

The glamour magazine was no surprise as i collect them and have a total of 25 now! (2 years and 1 month worth if you're terrible at maths)  The fiji water is only included because the bottle was pretty and i did buy chocolate but i ate that...and who wants to see a wrapper???


I did over the weekend buy new straighteners  So i use every excuse i can find to use them (no longer doing heatless challenge) and i thought i would include the results in this post because why not? Excuse the PJs and glasses because who can be bothered to wear contacts and nice looking clothes at home?! pfft. 

yeah i didn't make that clear....i used the straighteners to curl my hair not straighten it...because my hair is already naturally straight so there would be no real point to it. 


Saturday 4 May 2013

MaxFactor clump defy VS Maybelline Rocket Volum' express

Exciting right? first 'VS' post! woo! 
Now some of you might say that these two mascaras have nothing in common so why on earth is she doing a competition between them? Well the Maybelline one claims to leave no clumps and supposed to give volume and length, the MaxFactor (covergirl in US) claims to leave no clumps (hence 'clump defy') however its part of MaxFactors 'False lash effect' line so again this claims to give volume and length too! Ok now that that's been cleared up....we begin.

The packaging of the two mascaras are actually quite similar however the font and colours are worlds apart. Personally i think the Maybelline one looks much more young and bright and appealing where as the MaxFactor mascara is pretty much dull and simple. But the colour is a very pretty purple, so all depends on personal choice when it comes to the packaging.  

Maybelline 'the Rocket Volum' express' 
The actual brush of this mascara is on the large side and reminds me very much of the MaxFactor false lash effect mascara (original) although many dislike the fact that this is has plastic bristles i find that it does the job perfectly. 

The formula and consistency of the mascara is very thin and runny you also get less product than the max factor one (however it is cheaper by around 2-3 pounds) 
I'm very sorry that i couldn't insert a picture of what they actually look like on my lashes, however i can say that the more product you apply with this mascara the longer and thicker your lashes seem to get. It can get a little clumpy if you apply too much but honestly it does everything it says it does and more! Also for the price of around 7- 8 pounds it is amazing, i decided to try it out because i had a 2 pound off voucher and it was already on sale! so i got it for £3.99! Best deal ever. 

MaxFactor 'Clump Defy' by False lash effect
The brush of this one compared to the other is very different!! As you can see its curved and much much thinner. I can safely say that i like this brush much better than the other however the consistency of this mascara is much thicker however NOT clumpy at all, no matter how much you apply. Which is always a plus. 
With this mascara you get more product but of course nothing comes for free and the more product means you have to pay £10.99 for it. Which it isn't bad if you are looking for a mascara that doesn't clump this is for you! (ok that sounded so cheesy) but its true. This does add a lot of length however NO volume. So compared to the other mascara the maybelline one wins on that front. 

Now for the winner! 

So in my personal point of view the Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express mascara wins. Although if i could change the brush head of the MaxFactor one with the Maybelline i would, but i can deal with having a cheaper mascara who's brush head i don't like but actual consistency of mascara i do. I know im being like sheep and following the hype but i honestly do love this mascara and the blue and pink packaging just screams 'Aida'. 


Wednesday 1 May 2013

April Empties!

HAPPY MAY!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! I'm too excited for someone who's not even particulary fond of back with another post (as promised every Wednesday and Monday!  - and possibly some Saturdays)

This is my first empties post im doing and i would like to say i'll only do an empties posts once i have enough products to show so not all the future empties will have actually been used all in that month.

Chanel chance Perfume! This isn't actually mine and therefore im cheating BUT i would like to point out that this smells AMAZING and my mum goes through so many of these!

In April i actually went through a fair bit of skin care related items 2 of them being scrubs!

Not going to do too much explaining on  this post as i think my last post was long enough! if you haven't seen that click here.

From left: Clean&Clear Blackhead clearing daily scrub (already repurchased), Neautrogena Visibly clear 2 in 1 mask and wash, Neautrogena oil free moisturiser, Maybelline BB cream (already repurchased), Maybelliner dream lumi touch highlighting concealer (already repurchased)

Please subscribe for more posts! Next post shall be a 'VS' competition thing between two products that claim to do the same things!

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