Wednesday 15 May 2013

Review: Benefits 'They're real!' mascara

This product has literally been the talk of every beauty enthusiasm, and more. People claim its the best mascara they've ever used in their life and even though the smaller size comes with a a price tag of around £9 they say its worth it. 

So when elle magazine brought it out as a 'free gift' in their magazine which was £4 of course i had to get it and see what the talk was all about. I can now say that i like it....but i don't love it. 



From this quick before and after you can tell that the mascara is actually really good at adding length and slight volume. However please note i did only apply one coat onto the lashes here because i find that with this mascara applying more than one coat can make it clumpy - if you like that look then go for it! But the actual brush of the mascara is really good because on the end it has bristles going all around which helps when you want to apply mascara onto the finer lashes of the eyes. 

The consistency of the mascara is actually something i really like because i find that it's thicker than the maybelline rocket volum' but thinner than the max factor clump defy. This means that when applied its not so thick that you feel like you have to drag the brush before your lashes actually get coated but its also not so runny and thin that you get it all over your eyelid when you blink. 

Overall i don't think that this mascara deserves ALL the hype that's it getting because it could be much better but needless to say its actually a really really really good mascara! I mean it does what it says! But if you are looking for something more on the cheaper side then the maybelline mascaras will probably be a better alternative than this 'high end' mascara from benefit. 

Ps i don't actually have a rim around my iris what you're seeing is the contact lens and on the before picture i've gotten a little bit of concealer onto my lashes which explains why they look grey.

Also good luck to everyone starting their Summer GCSE exams...i feel your pain people...i really do, we can all suffer together.  


  1. Was it really only 9 pounds? :o

    1. well in shops yes but i got it for £4 because its a freebie in the Elle magazine! i should also mention that it's tiny x

  2. I don't agree with your criticism (but hey, personal opinions!), because I seemlessly believe that it lives up to it's name - it really is the leading mascara and worth it's price. Personally, I find that it doesn't clump at all. But brilliant post! Love the blog aha :) x

    1. Of course everyone has their own opinion! And different people find that it works differently for them. I'm glad you like the mascara - it really is good! I just don't LOVE it. Thanks for liking my blog! xx


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