Saturday 4 May 2013

MaxFactor clump defy VS Maybelline Rocket Volum' express

Exciting right? first 'VS' post! woo! 
Now some of you might say that these two mascaras have nothing in common so why on earth is she doing a competition between them? Well the Maybelline one claims to leave no clumps and supposed to give volume and length, the MaxFactor (covergirl in US) claims to leave no clumps (hence 'clump defy') however its part of MaxFactors 'False lash effect' line so again this claims to give volume and length too! Ok now that that's been cleared up....we begin.

The packaging of the two mascaras are actually quite similar however the font and colours are worlds apart. Personally i think the Maybelline one looks much more young and bright and appealing where as the MaxFactor mascara is pretty much dull and simple. But the colour is a very pretty purple, so all depends on personal choice when it comes to the packaging.  

Maybelline 'the Rocket Volum' express' 
The actual brush of this mascara is on the large side and reminds me very much of the MaxFactor false lash effect mascara (original) although many dislike the fact that this is has plastic bristles i find that it does the job perfectly. 

The formula and consistency of the mascara is very thin and runny you also get less product than the max factor one (however it is cheaper by around 2-3 pounds) 
I'm very sorry that i couldn't insert a picture of what they actually look like on my lashes, however i can say that the more product you apply with this mascara the longer and thicker your lashes seem to get. It can get a little clumpy if you apply too much but honestly it does everything it says it does and more! Also for the price of around 7- 8 pounds it is amazing, i decided to try it out because i had a 2 pound off voucher and it was already on sale! so i got it for £3.99! Best deal ever. 

MaxFactor 'Clump Defy' by False lash effect
The brush of this one compared to the other is very different!! As you can see its curved and much much thinner. I can safely say that i like this brush much better than the other however the consistency of this mascara is much thicker however NOT clumpy at all, no matter how much you apply. Which is always a plus. 
With this mascara you get more product but of course nothing comes for free and the more product means you have to pay £10.99 for it. Which it isn't bad if you are looking for a mascara that doesn't clump this is for you! (ok that sounded so cheesy) but its true. This does add a lot of length however NO volume. So compared to the other mascara the maybelline one wins on that front. 

Now for the winner! 

So in my personal point of view the Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express mascara wins. Although if i could change the brush head of the MaxFactor one with the Maybelline i would, but i can deal with having a cheaper mascara who's brush head i don't like but actual consistency of mascara i do. I know im being like sheep and following the hype but i honestly do love this mascara and the blue and pink packaging just screams 'Aida'. 



  1. Great review! I have the Maybeline Rocket Mascara and looove it! :) xx

  2. I love Maybelline Rocket Mascara! :)
    Kelly xo


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