Saturday 18 May 2013

Tip: Make Lipstick last longer

Considering i only post on some Saturdays i thought i'd make this post short! 

Alot of people find themselves reapplying lipstick constantly throughout the day or night, this is usually when they're wearing a more daring or bright colour and they want the colour to remain bright and even.

So i thought it would be appropriate (as i am one of the bright lipstick wearing people) to do a post on how to make them last longer. 

  1. So start off by scrubbing your lips with a scrub of your choice - personally i like the scrubs from lush because of their taste however you CAN make your own!
  2. Next apply a very thin layer of either vaseline/chapstick.
  3. Then apply the bright lipstick of your choice (pinks and corals look great for the spring/summer!)
  4. Grab a powder brush and lighty pat on translucent powder on the lips.
  5. Reapply another layer of the lipstick on top of the powder

I realise that this post is incredibly short so if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on monday/wednesday please comment bellow!

Ps my amazing mum bought me the Maybelline Mega Plush mascara so if anyone would like a review please comment so i can do posts that people actually want to see!

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  1. Cute post! Great tips! :)

    Kelly xo


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