Monday 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday weekend + Tiny beauty haul!

I am honestly such an idiot. really, i am. So today i purchased a top from newlook and as soon as i arrived home i realised i bought a larger size. Never ever look at the hanger and always be careful, learn from my mistakes.

For a while i've wanted to try the collection 2000 (or collection as its now called) concealer because of the hype its been getting on youtube, instagram and many blogs!

I literally only bought 2 beauty things however my mum who claims not to be into makeup bought 3 liner (2 lips and 1 eye from rimmel) and a kate moss lipstick in 111 which is a classic red colour, she's already fallen in love with it and is wearing it around the house as we speak.well, type. 

I ended up buying the concealer in 02 light which was odd because in concealers im normally 03 medium and 02 light for under eye area however the medium shade was completely wrong for my skin because it had yellow/orange tinge and was just dark. Although at first impression the concealer looks amazing the colour range really is a let down. I think that they need a colour in between their light and medium, also need a darker colour.  If you have extremely fair skin the concealer actually has a shade called 01 which seems to be perfect.

As always if you want me to do a more in depth review of ANY product (not just the ones that i've purchased) please let me know and i will definitely do it.

Happy spring and i hope you all have had a lovely 3 day weekend!

ps. im sorry for not having pictures in last post (click here to view it) i will make sure to have a picture in every post.

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