Monday 25 March 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 02 - In detail (2013)

Lush bath bomb - Think pink.
 So i have included pictures of yesterday's haul but this time they're up close! Also the picture quality is so much better in these pictures

First off is the Lush bath Bomb in 'Think pink' i honestly think that this bath bomb is so so so pretty! i mean look at it. It even has flowers in it for gods sake (the flowers do dissolve)  i feel bad even thinking about using this product! That shows how much i love it. The scent is very spring like and fresh however its not over whelming like many lush products which i think is a plus. Who can resist a pink bath...

Another item i purchased yesterday was my Urban Outfitters
urban outfitter's watch with map in screen.
watch the reason why i love this watch so so much is the fact that it has a map in the screen. i mean what watch has that?! plus the leather strap makes it look more classic which is another reason why i love it! This cost £26 which i personally think is a good price considering you get genuine leather.


Sunday 24 March 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 02 (2013)

So i apologise for the terrible quality and low brightness of today's picture my phone has decided to act up and not edit anything.

So.....someone let me out of the house again! i spent too much money! I'd say the one thing that im most excited to use in this picture and todays haul is the Real Techniques stippling brush. The wax yankee candles featured at the top will most likely be sent away to my pen pal! lucky her because they smell amazing!! but i might be sneaky and keep them. I've not decided.

The watch has a leather strap and a world map behind the screen which i personally find adorable! - its from urban outfitters! even if no body sees it i'll still be able to enjoy it! The item in the lush package is 'think pink' - again another item that MAY be sent off to my pen pal. I ended up buying another 2 barry M gelly nails because they are amazing but this time in the shades 'dragon fruit' and 'watermelon'.

My pen pal is so lucky.

much love

aida x

Saturday 23 March 2013

Rihanna For River Island

 There's so many different opinions on the 'Rihanna for river island' collection that's now out. I personally think with the options we've been given for clothes in this collection its one of those things where you either love it or hate it. There's no real in between.

First off i'd like to point out that the collection mainly consists of blacks and neon green/yellow. So already that's not something i'm personally attracted to. Some of the items within the collection are incredibly edgy and its not something that can be worn day to day, so again that's another bad thing for me.

I've been trying to avoid using the word 'chavvy' partly because its a word used in England  and partly because there are some people that actually love this collection! When walking into my local River Island the entire first section of the shop is covered in neon green and blacks, as well as killer heals and cropped dungarees  safe to say that the 'Rihanna For River Island' collection is definitely NOT for me.

To see it for your self and make your own opinion and judgement on it click here.

much love

aida x

Lush - Snow Fairy Shower Gel

 I am beyond late with this post.....sorry!! (ps. see the new page 'bucket list' if anyone has any ideas that i could add to it i'd appreciate it!) 

so this shower gel came out around the Christmas period and i can honestly say it smells like bubble gum and candy floss. Also its pink!! After getting a little too obsessed with instagram over the last few weeks i found out that you can actually use it in the bath, as a bubble bath! so knowing me i had to try it and it worked beautiful , lots of bubbles and your bathroom smelled so pretty (can smells even be pretty?) but i still mainly use it as a shower gel. 

I have to add that this shower gel makes your skin dry so if you have incredibly dry skin this probably isn't for you - unless you moisturise ( use the English version of 'moisturize') your body alot after using this. But overall its an amazing product that unfortunately only comes out around Christmas! :( luckily i have two bottles that i will be rationing to get me to christmas 2013. 

much love

aida x

Monday 18 March 2013

Spring/summer haul 01 (2013)


So over the past 2 weeks (probably a week my timing is terrible) i have accumulated these items. As you can see in both pictures a beauty item is included....umm....i couldn't help my self? i like shopping ok?

item i was actually most looking forward to buying is the topshop denim skater dress and the teal bag (both in same picture) and i think the reason for this was the fact that both of them are quite easy to style as well as being perfect for the spring and summer! That's if we do actually GET a summer here in the UK. currently snowing in march. yay. The cream jacket is from H&M, aztec top from newlook, bag from accessorize, skirt from topshop and all beauty items from boots + superdrug.

beauty items: kate moss lipstick (rimmel london) shade 16, miss sporty dr balm gossip kiss sos in 02 + 03.
  Barry m gelly nail paint in pomegranate + greenberry.

much love

aida x

Saturday 16 March 2013

Barry M nail paint

So I had heard amazing things on the Barry m gelly nails and I must say they so live up to the expectation! However they're not THAT amazing.

The shine is incredible and when it dries it looks just as good! The two colours I have is (left) pomegranate and (right) green berry. I have compared it to two other Barry m polishes so you can see the colour difference.

On another note how can people go in to boots and come out empty handed?? Pffft.

Much love

Aida x


New theme.

After making this account years and years ago i have finally decided to come back to it. But this times there's a difference! i have a new theme which is......*drum roll* beauty and photography! *yay*

not many people follow this blog but i still want to have a place where i can write down my weirdest thoughts and get away with it! tumblr is another story.

so im back and im cringing over how i used to write....

much love

aida x
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