Monday 25 March 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 02 - In detail (2013)

Lush bath bomb - Think pink.
 So i have included pictures of yesterday's haul but this time they're up close! Also the picture quality is so much better in these pictures

First off is the Lush bath Bomb in 'Think pink' i honestly think that this bath bomb is so so so pretty! i mean look at it. It even has flowers in it for gods sake (the flowers do dissolve)  i feel bad even thinking about using this product! That shows how much i love it. The scent is very spring like and fresh however its not over whelming like many lush products which i think is a plus. Who can resist a pink bath...

Another item i purchased yesterday was my Urban Outfitters
urban outfitter's watch with map in screen.
watch the reason why i love this watch so so much is the fact that it has a map in the screen. i mean what watch has that?! plus the leather strap makes it look more classic which is another reason why i love it! This cost £26 which i personally think is a good price considering you get genuine leather.


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