Sunday 23 June 2013

Review: Maybelline dream Pure 8-in1 BB cream

Being someone who's actually in a deep relationship with BB creams means whenever there's a new drugstore one that comes on sale, i buy it. So when i first found out about this one it was inevitable that i would purchase it merely days after i found out it was out, having a Boots/superdrug 10 minutes away from your house also helps too. 

Also i would just like to ask you lovely people if you would be interested in me making videos in the summer holidays? Please comment bellow or let me know  through any of the social media sites letting me know - thank you!

Packaging -  it seems to be that quite a few of items are coming out with teal somewhere in their packaging i realised this when i found out that i had a powder, BB cream and mascara that all matched (actually all paired up to create the perfect makeup look) 
But i can't complain, i love the colours used in the packaging and as always its super easy to use up all the product within in this tube as you can squeeze it out or start to roll the ends as you would with toothpaste!

Coverage - This is one of the best parts of this product, unlike the Dream fresh BB cream where the coverage is little to none this actually provides enough to cover any red marks (nothing too harsh) and blur out any blemishes. I find that i still need to apply concealer but i wasn't looking for anything too heavy from this product anyway it would defeat the point of a BB cream. 

Finish - Again comparing it to the dream fresh BB cream (which leaves a very dewy, glow to the skin) this BB cream is much more matte as it does specify the fact that its made for oily skin, although its matte it isn't cakey which is often a problem with face products that are made for problem skin. It comes out as a super natural matte finish and if you pair it with a good scrub and moisturiser you will get the perfect results. (click here for a review on a good matte scrub)

Blended into skin 

Colour range - I'm actually very disappointed at the range of colours available with this product - only 2! (Light + Medium) so this immediately rules out thousands of girls however i do thing that both of the shades do compliment your skin and do somehow end up looking exactly the same colour even if the initial swatch doesn't seem like it, i expect maybelline to bring out a universal colour like they did with the dream fresh bb cream or at least a darker shade as medium is still quite light!

Consistency -  With this product i find that its a little harder to work into the skin than other BB creams but that's not a problem as i tend to apply any foundation/BB cream with moisturiser (both dotted around face before blending in with a buffing brush/stippling brush) 

Wear - Considering my skin isn't actually very oily the product stayed put perfectly especially since i paired it with a very light dusting of rimmel clear complexion powder (powder is not needed unless you have extreme oily skin - the bb cream is pretty matte it self) the only reason i actually applied powder was because i wanted to set the concealer as the one i use very creamy and tends to move if touched/through out the day. 

Overall an amazing product and such a good value for money, the colour range is limited but if you're lucky to be able to purchase one of these (if they match your skin) i recommend you do so!


Wednesday 19 June 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 05 + info

Hello, yes i went shopping.  I honestly feel like i deserved it after restricting my self for roughly 3 weeks, i finally went to the shopping centre and bought items that are actually worth talking about! Apologies for being away, but im back and i should be posting a lot more regularly now!

Thats an over view of SOME of the things that i got because as you can tell by the WHsmiths bag i'm actually slowly starting to purchase things for the next school year which may sound crazy however because stationary is always on sale before the summer holidays i tend to buy before, im completely obsessed with stationary and today i spent around 2 hours in whsmith and paperchase, im in love. No word of a lie.

Onto to the rest...

Single duvet cover set - you may find it weird that i went and repurchased the bed sheets that i already own but i really needed fresh ones so thats why, plus i love the pattern and im in no place to want to change it

Maybelline Pure BB cream -  If you didn't already know im completely and utterly in love with BB creams, i love the concept, the texture, the coverage, the feel, everything. So when i saw that my favourite brand for BB creams had bought a new one out that contains salicylic acid and is made especially for oily skin (making it matte and therefore perfect for summer) i got  a little too excited. There will definitely be a review on this soon.

Maybelline Colour tattoo in 'Pink Gold' -  now i'll admit im not someone who wears eye-shadow a lot i find that they often look dramatic and are hard to pull off, but recently i've seen really pretty nude/pink shades of different kinds that have really caught my eye one of them being this! The colour is gorgeous, a shimmery rose gold (pink gold as they've called it) alot more on the pink side though, this will be beautiful for the summer time with a simple liner.

H&M Lace cream dress -  have you ever been in the mood to buy a really really girly dress? well i was like that today, so i when i found this i more or less grabbed it off the rail, it was on sale for £7 and i still managed to find my size. it was meant to be guys, it was meant to be. Although i know i already have about 5 other tops that are lace or have some sort of lacing detail i still cant get enough of cream and lace, that colour combination is beautiful. I thought this would look really cute/casual with a sleeveless denim jacket (something i need to purchase!)

The dress has an elasticated waist and at the back theres a dip and no under layering so any underwear or tops will be seen through which is a slight problem but the jacket is also a solution if you cant find some sort of bra that looks good under this.

2 lint rollers : H&M - Having school trousers that attract fluff from any sort of fabric means these little beauties are absolutely essential, and ive been out of them for a week or so and i've looked like a fluff ball at school, how do people even tolerate looking at me?

Clean & Clear moisturiser & Clean & Clear daily scrub - i constantly rave about these and ive repurchased them far too many times because these products and my skin just get along perfectly, so why not? Plus there's not terrible smell which is often found with face products ( i hate al ot of scents and many give me headaches)

So that's my haul, keep your eyes out for school related posts (and possibly videos in the summer - exciting right?!) and a review on the BB cream.

Till' next time

- Aida x


Saturday 8 June 2013

GlossyBox: June 2013 (Review)

Came back from shopping and maths revision to find that my june glossy box had arrived! woo! I only got my may one recently because i haven't been subscribed to it for too long.
Also...long time no see! Its been a while since i've talked to you guys on Saturday so hi!!

June 2013 glossy box
BAM what a big picture compared to normal right? I just thought you might want to see it this big, why not.

I think that this month's GlossyBox is about on the same par as the last one (click here to read that) however i was so so disapointed with the size of the nail polish in this one! It is so tiny!!

so onto the actual products in detail:

Helen É Cosmetics, Lip liner : This lip Liner is one of the creamiest i have ever tried and since it came in a full size i was impressed! However i find that this particular shade is far too dark and is more on the burgundy/brown side of things and since this box was supposed to be one of their summer boxes i was shocked to receive this, however i think it would create a perfect waterproof base for Berry/Plum lip colours in the Autumn(fall)/Winter.  You can see the colour swatches on my hand, its certainly a more grown up colour rather than girly/young so its not really my type but that won't stop me loving the consistency! But it claims to stop lipstick from feathering, bleeding or smudging which is great!

Lip liner 1.3g : £8.00
Lip crayon 2g: £8.00

Paul Mitchel Curls : When i saw that this product was in the booklet and therefore in the box i was beyond excited because i did think that the 'Ultimate wave' would act almost like a salt spray or curl cream and help make hair thats straight wavy, although thats not exactly what it claims to do i'll definitely be trying it out for that. For those who have naturally curly hair (which tends to be more dry than any other hair type) there's a deep conditioner or as they call it 'Full circle leave-in treatment' which will replenish your hair prep it for any styling that you may do after, apply it to damn or towel dried hair and gently work it with your fingers or comb it (with a wide tooth comb would be best ), you could always scrunch it for added shape then air dry or diffuse.
Full circle leave-in treatment 200ml : £14.95
Ultimate wave 150ml : £11.95

Figs & Rouge, Coco rose lip balm :  I think we should just take a moment to appreciate how pretty the packaging is. I mean wow. so girly. It's 100% natural so for anyone who prefers not to have horrible chemicals on their lips this is great! But it doesn't just stop at being for your lips, oh no, because of the light shimmer within it this product doubles up as an emergency eye shadow for those days where you just want added sheen and if worse comes to worse you could always use it as a moisturiser, works just as well, not the slightest bit sticky! The amazing packaging also means you don't have to apply it with your fingers when you're out and about so of course - more hygienic!
Full size 12.5ml: £5.00 (*cough* bargain *cough*)

Organic surge, super intensive daily moisturiser :  One of the full sizes that you get int he glossy box is this moisturiser, now although you get plenty and its perfect for nourishing super dry skin (or just those patches you may have) the smell is off putting (for me anyway) because it has flower oils and chamomile oil it means that there's a very strong floral scent to it which i find to be over powering, its almost like a lavender smell which would make sense since the packaging is purple. Although its labelled as a daily moisturiser i think it would be much better for night if you have oily/combination skin because it is meant for dry skin so you may find that its too moisturising for the day time and could possibly make you seem more shiny or oily.
Full size 50ml: £8.99 (great if you dont mind floral scents)

Nails inc, Portebllo :  I normally find that Nails Inc polishes are great! Im not in love with them, no. But thats mainly down to their hefty price tags i was excited to see it was in this months box but incredibly disappointed at the size. you could describe this product size as 'pathetic'but that may be a little too harsh as you do get other full size products.  I was lucky enough to be able to receive their new neon shade! I think those who enjoy orange/coral colours would love this. It also looks very vibrant with a tan (which is appropriate since lots of people tan in the summer, obviously) I do have 2 other nails inc polishes one in baby pink and one in a deep red and the quality of those are great so some may be willing to pay for the full size.
Full size 10ml : £11.00 (the hefty price tag i was talking about earlier)

See you all on Monday with a new post! (requests for future posts appreciated) ♥


Wednesday 5 June 2013

DIY : Body scrub | Summer Tips

I'm back and by popular request (from both the poll and in person!) a DIY!
So i know a lot of people will be soaking up the sun and trying to get a tan (make sure you wear sun cream - a tan may be pretty but skin cancer isn't) but some of you may not tan as evenly or not like it, this body scrub helps even out your skin tone and because lemon has bleaching properties it may slightly lighten your skin (don't worry it's nothing dangerous and its not like you'll be 15 shades lighter or anything, if anything it returns you to your natural skin colour!) Read the end of this post if you'd like to have an all natural scrub without the bleaching effect

Also i've made a summer tips series which will mean i'll have some sort of post to help make 2013 one of the best summers yet (beauty wise anyway) Also please excuse the fact none of these photos have been edited so they may not be as bright but i wanted you guys to see the true colour and texture of things as we go along with this.

Make sure you have the following :

  • Salt (any salt will do however sea salt is the best)
  • Lemon juice (fresh is best but ready ones will be just fine!)
  • Honey (optional, creates a moisturising effect so those with dry skin may benefit from this also good if you like the smell)
  • Container to store in 

  1. Begin by squeezing half a lemon into your container, i'm just using an old hair mask container from herbal essences, if you're using ready made lemon juice use roughly 2 table spoons. 
  2. Now add salt, now how much you add is all up to your personal preference, if you prefer a more intense scrubbing experience and would really like to work your skin, go ahead and pour more salt in however if your skin is more on the sensitive side and you think the salt may be too harsh for it put less in and think about adding honey. However bare in mind that scrubbing dry skin can actually be beneficial as it removes all the flaky dead skin cells, its only beneficial if you follow up with a body oil (i use johnsons baby the aloe vera version) or a rich moisturiser. 
  3. Using a small spoon (or your fingers will work fine too) stir the mixture together, this is the time where you judge if more/less salt is needed for your body, once stirred your scrub is ready to use!
In just 3 easy steps you can make a scrub that makes your skin baby smooth using all natural ingredients too!
This should last you for roughly a week or more considering honey doesn't rot and salt/lemon can go a very long time before you have to stop using them.
 Once ready use your finger tips to scoop up the scrub from the container and in circular motions scrub your body all over, of course the sensible thing is to do this in the shower where you can easily wash the mixture off.

I wouldn't reccomend using the scrub on your face as i find its a little too harsh for that, if you still think salt will be too rough for you, try sugar which also dissolves in the hot water from your shower/bath so will be much more gentle and still have the same results!
If you'd like to avoid the bleaching effect of the lemon skip it and use honey and salt/sugar, this DIY recipe can really be altered for anyone's personal use and still works great! Hope you all enjoy this and post me any comments about the Summer Tips series!

Thank you all so much and i apologuse for not posting when i should!
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