Wednesday 19 June 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 05 + info

Hello, yes i went shopping.  I honestly feel like i deserved it after restricting my self for roughly 3 weeks, i finally went to the shopping centre and bought items that are actually worth talking about! Apologies for being away, but im back and i should be posting a lot more regularly now!

Thats an over view of SOME of the things that i got because as you can tell by the WHsmiths bag i'm actually slowly starting to purchase things for the next school year which may sound crazy however because stationary is always on sale before the summer holidays i tend to buy before, im completely obsessed with stationary and today i spent around 2 hours in whsmith and paperchase, im in love. No word of a lie.

Onto to the rest...

Single duvet cover set - you may find it weird that i went and repurchased the bed sheets that i already own but i really needed fresh ones so thats why, plus i love the pattern and im in no place to want to change it

Maybelline Pure BB cream -  If you didn't already know im completely and utterly in love with BB creams, i love the concept, the texture, the coverage, the feel, everything. So when i saw that my favourite brand for BB creams had bought a new one out that contains salicylic acid and is made especially for oily skin (making it matte and therefore perfect for summer) i got  a little too excited. There will definitely be a review on this soon.

Maybelline Colour tattoo in 'Pink Gold' -  now i'll admit im not someone who wears eye-shadow a lot i find that they often look dramatic and are hard to pull off, but recently i've seen really pretty nude/pink shades of different kinds that have really caught my eye one of them being this! The colour is gorgeous, a shimmery rose gold (pink gold as they've called it) alot more on the pink side though, this will be beautiful for the summer time with a simple liner.

H&M Lace cream dress -  have you ever been in the mood to buy a really really girly dress? well i was like that today, so i when i found this i more or less grabbed it off the rail, it was on sale for £7 and i still managed to find my size. it was meant to be guys, it was meant to be. Although i know i already have about 5 other tops that are lace or have some sort of lacing detail i still cant get enough of cream and lace, that colour combination is beautiful. I thought this would look really cute/casual with a sleeveless denim jacket (something i need to purchase!)

The dress has an elasticated waist and at the back theres a dip and no under layering so any underwear or tops will be seen through which is a slight problem but the jacket is also a solution if you cant find some sort of bra that looks good under this.

2 lint rollers : H&M - Having school trousers that attract fluff from any sort of fabric means these little beauties are absolutely essential, and ive been out of them for a week or so and i've looked like a fluff ball at school, how do people even tolerate looking at me?

Clean & Clear moisturiser & Clean & Clear daily scrub - i constantly rave about these and ive repurchased them far too many times because these products and my skin just get along perfectly, so why not? Plus there's not terrible smell which is often found with face products ( i hate al ot of scents and many give me headaches)

So that's my haul, keep your eyes out for school related posts (and possibly videos in the summer - exciting right?!) and a review on the BB cream.

Till' next time

- Aida x


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