Monday 29 April 2013

Heatless Hair Tutorial: Curling Hair With bendy/flexi rollers! ♥ UPDATED 2020

Hello guys!

Something a little different today, an affordable heatless hair tutorial that can be used by anyone, of any age - as evident by it being demonstrated on my 5-year-old sister. Super affordable, super simple and super quick (minus the drying of course!).

My sister is normally my hair model when it comes to experimenting with heatless curls, this is because she has super long hair that holds any style very easily! Her hair is also much thinner (less of it) and lighter than mine, so that's a heads up for anyone with long, layered, thick straight hair, in the next day or so I will be trying this hairstyle out on my own hair and there will a little update at the bottom of this post, telling you if it works on thicker hair!

On with the tutorial...
I started off with 3 packs of 8 bendy rollers (24 altogether) purchased from Poundland aka bargain land. I was slightly hesitant as to whether these would be of good quality and i can confirm that they're amazing for the price!

If you don't have a Poundland where you live simply click here to purchase from Amazon (cheap!) 
I bought 3 packs (from Poundland) because I wanted enough for my own hair too, however after experimenting on my sisters I noticed that 7 rollers were not used, please note her hair is not layered as well as being thin.  You get two sizes in the pack which is very useful for again those with layered hair.

Begin with freshly washed hair that's 90% dry, although this hairstyle is completely heatless I had to cheat and quickly dry her hair a little so that I could do this tutorial.

As you can see in the picture she has long even layered hair with a very slight twirl at the end, her hair is also thin and easily manageable.

Working with hair that's 90% dry means that the curls will last longer and will look much better, your hair doesn't have to be freshly washed, you can simply mist your hair with small amounts of water to dampen. Either way, it must be slightly wet.

To begin with...

Grab a section of hair (thickness depends on your desired curl, the thicker/bigger the section the looser and larger the curl) and wrap the end around the smaller bendy roller (start at the top of your hair if you have layered hair)

Make sure the end of your hair is wrapped neatly, carefully and most importantly, tightly - you will have to either sleep with this in or leave it on for at least 6-8 hours so the tighter you do it the longer it will last.

You can always wrap the hair AWAY from your face to get the curling tong effect if you so wish.

Then slowly twist the bend roller up thus wrapping the hair around it (use both hands for this) make sure the hair doesn't go off the roller and continue to roll up until you reach your roots.

Once you reach the roots get the two ends of the roller and bend them onto the hair almost into a small bun, this is so the hair doesn't unravel.
You should get something that looks a little like this -->

Continue doing the previous steps on all your hair (alternating bendy roller size where necessary) until all the pieces of your hair have been wrapped.
Should look a little like this when you are halfway done -->

The softness of the bendy rollers means that they should be pretty easy to sleep on and shouldn't cause too much disturbance.

My little sister is a very lively sleeper and does toss and turn her head quite a bit and the small buns did manage to stay in place!

If you're not going to be sleeping on this then I recommend doing this hairstyle several hours before you leave the house for whatever you have planned and if possible use mousse beforehand. After wrapping all the hair simply mist a little hairspray onto the hair (this is again to make sure the curls hold and look better in the morning)

I used the Garnier Frutis shine and hold hairspray in the strength '4'.

The type of hairspray doesn't really matter although getting one that smells good is always a plus!

In the morning gently open the bendy rollers and slowly bring them down to unravel the curls! the pictures are from when I had JUST removed the bendy rollers and as you can see the curls are very tight, bouncy and I think very beautiful considering I used £1 rollers!

after (10 mins after removing bendy rollers)
 From the picture above you can clearly see that the bendy rollers are very impressive and that they do really work! I will definitely be trying this out on my own hair and will let you guys know if it works on thick hair!
Im very impressed with the results and I can honestly say that I believe this method to be the best, out of all the ones I have experimented with, and I have actually tried the 't-shirt curl' method on my sisters hair before but this has to be by far the easiest, as well as having the best results.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please comment below what you think!

*UPDATE* if you have layered hair be careful because it does shorten hair a lot and make it very very curly!! Other than that works perfectly if styled correctly afterwards to reduce frizz


Friday 26 April 2013

Spring/Summer (beauty) Haul 04 (2013)

Starting from Monday 29th (which i have planned to do a very exciting - for me anyway- post!) i will be posting twice a week on Monday and Wednesday.

This Wednesday that just went i went shopping! Of course when i go shopping i cant come back empty handed...i mean who does that? really? so i picked up a few things but not a clothes :(

 From left: Bendy rollers (pound land - bought 3), Black head clearing scrub by Clean&Clear, Dual action moisturiser by Clean&Clear, Maybelline rocket volume mascara

Daisy Earings from accesorize, models own scented nail polish in strawberry tart, primark makeup bag.

Please let me know if you want a review on the Maybelline rocket volume mascara i'd be more than happy to do one! Comment bellow please!!

Unlike my previous hauls not much to be said this time, i have an obsession with the flower Daisy thus explaining the earings, the nail polish was out of curiosty and i purchased it with my boots points! The scrub i ran out of (April empties coming soon).
Any questions about these or my blog or any requests please comment bellow and i will get back to ALL the comments.

thank you!!

Monday 22 April 2013

Review: Real Techniques Core collection brushes + Stippling Brush

So this is my first ever post where a follower has actually requested a post! Aw. I'm so excited to be doing this! Please note if anyone has any other things they'd like to see please comment! Feedback is always appreciated.

None of these photos are watermarked purely because im too lazy and i'm supposed to be doing homework right now but no im sat here doing a review on makeup brushes. My maths teacher should be proud. Also please excuse the makeup on these brushes they have been used however its not like they've been used for months or anything i've used these merely once or twice. 

 First off we have the 'Buffing brush' which is my favourite brush out of the Core collection.  Many bloggers/youtubers/other people use this brush for foundation (liquid) however on the actual packaging of the box it says to use with powders/mineral foundation. I've personally never used this for liquid foundation however i have used it for powders and to 'buff' (as the name suggests) and the edges of my BB cream (edges of face) to give a more flawless and natural look.

For buffing and applying powder i found this brush to be AMAZING. That's not even an over exaggeration this brush is literally heaven. Applies the powder evenly, smoothly and not mention how incredibly soft it is! It's so soft that you actually want to keep applying more and more powder (highly advise against this as it can look cakey - i dont care how soft it is - dont do it) 

The bristles on this brush are very tightly backed making it very full compared to any other brush i've ever used however i think this adds to how good it is and how the foundation/powder is applied. Im personally not too keen on the gold and black combo on the brush but with the quality of it i can over look that.

Close up of the brush so you can see just how dense it actually is.

 Second favourite brush (im going in order of liking if you hadn't already guessed) this is called the 'Contour brush' This brush is still very dense like the buffing brush however because of the tapered end it doesn't appear that way at all. It is much smaller than the other brush but is still a good side and very much usable for blush and bronzer!

Almost all real technique brushes are super soft and this is just another example! Again the same black bottom and white bristles are featured in this one (right now its pink because of blusher)

A close up of the brushes allows you to see what i mean when i say tapered, compared to the buffing brush where the top is pretty much flat and like a much smaller kabuki brush this one seems to be slightly empty, or bald but that doesn't mean its not useful. 

 The 'Detailer brush'! On the packaging it says that this brush should be used for lipstick/concealer.  So far in me owning it i have only used it to cover up blemishes with a concealer (not for under eyes) and i found it to be very useful as the incredibly small size gives accuracy and precision which is always helpful. 

Although i think it could be a tad bigger to make it useful for the under eyes (still having to use ring finger) its a decent size nonetheless.
Almost like a foundation brush it features the pointed tapered end however on a much smaller scale.
 Last item from the core collection is the 'pointed foundation brush' which is my least favourite this is for various reasons. 

This brush lets the other ones down in my opinion as i find its not as soft, the fact its 'pointed' means sometimes it can be a little sharp almost like getting poked with a small twig or needle very gently (not the most pleasant thing)

The size of this brush means you literally have to be there for a very long time just apply foundation/bb cream whilst simultaneously jabbing your self with a sharp brush. So overall no i didn't like this brush at all because at times it could also be a little streaky which is never a good look for foundation. 

 My joint favourite brush is the stippling brush! Which i use to apply foundation/BB cream. 

This was the first real techniques brush i purchased and honestly i can say it was love at first sight! 

This brush makes your base look so flawless and so even and literally pixel perfect (little bit cliché thing to say about a stippling brush but it doesn't make it any less true) 

The brush has very easily fit into my everyday makeup routine simply because its very soft and makes the base look amazing, makes my skin (and im sure any skin look amazing) too! I cannot reccomend this product enough! You can purchase all these brushes from Boots or Amazon in the UK. Im unsure about abroad so please forgive me. 


Sunday 21 April 2013

OOTD & blog info (again)

Although i try to post as frequently as i possibly can and i do try to do a range of posts, having my GCSEs and various other things can make this very difficult so starting from May and possibly next week i will limit my self to posting twice a week. The days I've allocated for posting are Monday and Wednesday, i sincerely apologise if thats bad timing for you however please try to understand that exams can get very stressful.

Also i would like the thank everyone that has been commenting on my posts, i literally get so so excited when i see i have a new comment so please don't stop! Another thing is i have another Review up tomorrow (requested by a lovely follower) so keep your eye out for that!

Onto the ootd. This outfit was from a really long time ago when i went food shopping and just out and about so its really nothing special however i couldn't just have a text post with no pictures i mean what would you look at?
I think i do this for every OOTD post but im very sorry for the same pose and stupid retrica in the corner.

None of the clothes worn in this picture are new (sorry for wearing something twice!)

But i thought it was a really nice spring outfit and the day i wore this the weather was actually good and of course since here in England we hardly ever get good weather, when we do get it we have to take full advantage!

Saturday 20 April 2013

Real Techniques - Core Collection

Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now! My Saturday morning has just took the best turn it ever has for a while. MY BRUSHES CAME. I purchased these from amazon as its much much cheaper than from boots and they came within a couple of days with the free delivery that was available on them!

I've heard such amazing things about this collection and having already purchased the stippling brush i knew these were gonna be good too, so of course i went ahead and bought them! I will definitely be doing a review on these brushes and explaining what i use each of them for and just a general review.

When you buy this collection you get a handy makeup case for the brushes that doubles up as a stand! Although i can't see my self using this unless im traveling i think its a really nice thing to have.

 At the back of the box each brush is explained for those that have no idea what to do with them and each brush is actually labelled which is always helpful no matter if you're a beginner or pro.

If you can't already tell i'm super excited to use these!!

Thursday 18 April 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 03 (2013)

I love hauls far too much. Actually i love shopping. yeah its probably that..

Yesterday i went shopping and picked up a couple of things! This time it isn't much as i am officially skint. When the seasons are changing it really takes a hit on my wallet/purse (depending on where you're from) so here are the couple of items i purchased and what i think of them!

Please note i have planned to post about the no heat challenge and at the end of the month my empties! So there's that to look forward to.

 The items that i picked up! Seeing as i was in dire need of some of these they have actually been used but still as the hail was only yesterday they still look ok. Plus i couldn't get any good natural lighting yesterday so everything looked orange from my light and horrible.

The items that i was in NEED of was the maybelline BB cream in 'medium' and the maybelline Lumi touch concealer in '02' as i have featured these two products in my previous Everyday make up look (click here to see that) these two products are amazing and i have repurchased them many many times!

The Mango catalogue was just something i picked up that was free when we went into our local House of Fraser and i do collect these things anyway due to my unhealthy obsession with everything fashion and makeup.

The two baby pink bows were from H&M for only £1.99 which i think is an absolute bargain as the fabric is really soft and pretty! You can actually make these your self at home if you wished to do so but because i'm so so lazy i just bought one!

The Lace top was actually from the kids section in NewLook and it was the only lace crop top that i've seen and instantly loved, only £9.99 as well!

The small aztec looking box is actually a contact lens storage box with an old fashioned contact lens case inside, i say old fashioned because they don't use those anymore at opticians. However i've wanted this for a very long time but was never fully prepared to dish out £10, but i recently saw that they were on offer in Urban Outfitters for £3! So of course without any second thought they were mine. Here's how they look on the inside. Also as you can see they have a small mirror at the top which i personally think is useless, but cute nonetheless.

The small Pink liquid in the clear box is Boots' own brand hair serum which i have yet to have an opinion on however the smell is very strong and shampoo -y and definitely adds shine! Too much can make your hair look greasy so be warned.

Monday 15 April 2013

Spring Lipsticks!

Recently i uploaded a picture onto my instagram (if you haven't already seen it and subscribed i suggest you do so now the link is on the tabs above) and it was of these lipsticks! Seeing as spring has finally arrived (even if it was fashionably late) i thought it would be appropriate to do a spring lipstick post. Almost like a mini review. I like reviews if you hadn't gathered by now.

On The left we have the Revlon Butter Balm in 'Tutti frutti' now i purchased this a while back (summer 2012 i believe) and back then i enjoyed wearing this so much! Its such a pretty coral colour that leaves your lips extremely moisturised and super soft! Its also very build able so it can be layered to make a strong orange or just one coat for a sheer look.

In the middle is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 16 and i've already talked about this lipstick in previous posts but i shall again! The colour is a really light baby pink that would suit lighter skin the best however it goes ok with asian and darker skint ones too! Before applying this lipstick make sure your lips aren't chapped as it will emphasis them so much! I personally dislike the taste of this lipstick but others may love it, it certainly isn't tasteless. However overall its a good lipstick!

On The left is the Maybelline Vivid 'Shocking coral' i made an entire post dedicated to this so no comment on this apart from its perfect for the spring and summer time! If you haven't already seen that post click here

i will be doing a '4 week heatless challenge' as i'm trying to grow out my layers, look out for that post!


Friday 12 April 2013

Casual Outfit & Blog Info

Hello peeps, bruddas, humans, people...yeah hi. Basically what i wanted to say is that i have lots and lots of ideas on blog spots but unsure which one people might like to see! So i'm asking you (pleading actually) that you comment and tell me what would you like to see..the ideas that i already have are very varied and random so i hope that you guys (about 2 people that actually read what i write) don't mind seeing them.
Towards the summer my posts will become much more interesting as the weather will hopefully pick up and it'll mean i'll actually have a lot to write about!

So please comment what you'd like to see....meanwhile look at this super comfy outfit i wore on one of the days in London, exact pose as my last outfit post only the quality here is terrible, i'm very sorry! (yes i'm using retrica again)

Jeans - Topshop
Top - Urban Outfitters
Belt - Primark

Possibly the comfiest thing I've ever worn (excluding onesies)

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Review: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine daily scrub

Seeing as my last review got so many views, comments and basically attention i thought it was right to do another! So here i am with a review on the 'Visibly clear pore & Shine daily scrub' or as i like to put it 'heaven' i mean can call it by the actual name...pfft.

The smell of the scrub is unlike anything I've ever smelled its so fresh and lime like - something you wouldn't expect from a scrub! Now at first sight you'd think because of the fact it smells so good and the packaging is ok the actual formula of the scrub wouldn't be amazing...right? Wrong. It works so well that even i was astonished! If you have oily/combination skin this will work extremely well! However it's still gentle enough for the use of people with dry skin.

It says 'mattifies the skin'a claim shown very proudly on the bottle. But it is in fact true! This scrub literally gets rid of any shine and oiliness in the skin without over drying it too much. Now I've tried literally every neutrogena product in the market (especially the scrubs and masks) and i can safely say that neutrogena has stepped up their game with this one, it's by far the best I've ever used and by the looks of it...will ever do. BUT....i can't speak too quickly as i'm sure in the near future i'll find something that's much better....but as for now....this is the best going. I believe there's a moisturizer to go with this if anyone is interested.  

London OutFit

Right now I'm sat in the car on the M1 going to London! Yay for shopping! (If I actually get around to it) so when I reach there If I can get a hold of wifi and a working laptop ill put up a new review considering my last one got the most attention!

So back to the topic at hand. My travelling outfit today! Yes I had to take the picture with retrica because that's the only app that let me put up a timer.... So bare with please. I'm wearing a collar blouse from BHS, a thin jumper from Zara, blue denim jeans from river island, urban outfitters watch, primark beads and river island studded shoes.

Simple and comfy? Yes please!


Monday 8 April 2013

Everyday MakeUp!

 My everyday makeup look!
In this blog post i'll be rambling a fair bit so please...go get your self a drink, make your self comfortable and read on. Little cheesy i know but its true this post will be really long because im going to show other products too (the ones that may be better suited for the spring time than the ones in this picture.

Lets start with the base! Now i don't always use all these products for example the days that my skin doesn't need as much coverage i only use the 'Dream Lumi touch concealer'. My skin colour is normally a medium shade (my face is slightly lighter than my body) and concealer wise its a shade '03' however because i want a more highlighting effect under my eyes and simply because the shade 03 for the lumi touch is far too dark i use 02.
The products get applied with these brushes
the stippling brush by 'Real Techniques' and a simple blush brush by Primark (yes very professional i know!) 

To add colour to my cheeks i love using cream blushes! Mainly because it means i don't have to faff (mess around) with a brush trying to work out exactly where to put the powder blush. A cream blush means i can simply using my finger and the end result will look much more natural and less 'cakey'.

The Cream blush that i have been using everyday is the Revlon PhotoReady in 'Flushes rougissant 200' i think that they have another shade which is a more creamy nude, but i like that girly pink flush in the cheeks! 

This blush lasts a really long time and unlike other products that look shiny and/or greasy this is a very matte colour although it may not look like that in the pot. 

Eyes! Now i'm not very dramatic or have a complicated eye makeup, i simply use a couple coats of mascara (normally one of the ones in the picture) and sometimes i line my upper tight line with black kohl eye liner! 

If you want your eyes to still look natural but more awake try wearing a little white eye liner in the inner corner of your eye and on the bottom water line!

Now the lips! AKA the only part of my makeup where the colours keep changing! I normally use one of the balm stains by Revlon either the shades 001 or 005 however considering spring/summer is just around the corner i've been switching my normal colours to more bright, girly ones! So i go with the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 16 and the Maybelline Vivid in Shocking coral. Both very pretty for the summer and spring time!


Sunday 7 April 2013

Review: Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids

Considering I've never done a review i thought it was about time i did! So my first ever review is going to be on the Maybelline Vivids or more specifically the shade 'Shocking coral' (I know its been out for a really long time and i'm extremely late with this review but i can't help being so lazy! I'll get better at this whole blogging thing - i promise)

To begin the pigmentation of this lipstick is absolutely amazing and if anything i'd say it was TOO pigmented, so careful when doing a swatch because i should warn you it will stain your hand. However on the lips it looks gorgeous.

Seeing as this colour is very very bright i wouldn't recommend putting this on as you would with other lipsticks, instead apply a small amount in the center of both your lower and upper lips then with your ring finger spread it to the corners, by doing this you'll get the colour wanted but much less intense and in your face.

The lipstick has a very thick and creamy consistency which is great as it wont dry out your lips at all! Also if you have a tendency to lick your lips a lot (i do!) the colour will stay put, and has no horrible taste that many lipsticks do!

In this swatch you can clearly see just how bright it is! I personally think the colour is really pretty and perfect for the Spring/Summer period, however when wearing this shade make sure not to over do the rest of your makeup as it can look a little too much and make it unflattering.

NOTE Make sure to be careful when applying because it can easily get spread outside of the lip area and it will stain the surroundings. Attractive right? Smeared pink lipstick on your face...

Thursday 4 April 2013

Mini - Spring Haul 01

So I've not had Wifi for about a week now and to be honest i've been struggling without it. Using mobile signal for everything you do on the internet is NOT easy. Trust me. So who's missed me ;D eh? eh? yeah no one....

Considering i'm always shopping because i like it and people allow me out of the house (no clue why because every time i do go out i blow too much cash) BUT this time i didn't actually buy much! *yay*

The two Items that i actually don't have pictures of - sorry its mainly because im so very very lazy! Is the Neautrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Scrub, one of the reasons why i purchased this was because it was on sale (yes im a sucker for bargains) but also because i was in dire need of a new scrub! After using it once or twice i can say that its pretty damn amazing. The smell is gorgeous (well for a facial scrub anyway) it smells fresh and lime/lemony, also works wonders!
The second item that i have no image of is a boots body spray from their natural line, its an under water one made with sea minerals and such, i needed a new cheap smell and this seemed perfect! (also i cant go into boots and not come out with at least one purchase)

So the items that i DO infact have pictures for..

500 Days of Summer! AKA one of my all time favourite movies...this is a Rom - Com (technically) but i personally think its far from it, as the DVD it self tells us its not a 'love story' but a 'story about love' the twist at the end is probably what makes me love this film so very much, thus the reason of me buying this for the incredible price of £2.99 from HMV! (yay for another bargain) 
The second item that's in this picture is Frilly ankle socks from Topshop. Basically something you would expect to see a 3 year old girl wearing but honestly its so pretty and girly and if used properly can look very cute (my personal opinion). There are so many different colour combinations to choose from but i went with the cream on cream because i think it can be styled much easier, however having said that ill probably be going back and purchasing more (there's currently an offer of 3 for £8.00 going so i'll take advantage of that!) 

I went to 'Candle Time' in my local shopping centre again. oh no. Of course i couldn't come out of that shop without buying anything so this time i bought a tart burner! Now before my addiction to Instagram i had no idea how to use tart candles but now i do! All you need to do is get a tart burner, a special slightly larger unscented tea light to go at the bottom inside, and of course a tart candle! The one i was about to burn in this picture is Turquoise Sky which i didn't buy on the same day. 

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