Thursday 18 April 2013

Spring/Summer Haul 03 (2013)

I love hauls far too much. Actually i love shopping. yeah its probably that..

Yesterday i went shopping and picked up a couple of things! This time it isn't much as i am officially skint. When the seasons are changing it really takes a hit on my wallet/purse (depending on where you're from) so here are the couple of items i purchased and what i think of them!

Please note i have planned to post about the no heat challenge and at the end of the month my empties! So there's that to look forward to.

 The items that i picked up! Seeing as i was in dire need of some of these they have actually been used but still as the hail was only yesterday they still look ok. Plus i couldn't get any good natural lighting yesterday so everything looked orange from my light and horrible.

The items that i was in NEED of was the maybelline BB cream in 'medium' and the maybelline Lumi touch concealer in '02' as i have featured these two products in my previous Everyday make up look (click here to see that) these two products are amazing and i have repurchased them many many times!

The Mango catalogue was just something i picked up that was free when we went into our local House of Fraser and i do collect these things anyway due to my unhealthy obsession with everything fashion and makeup.

The two baby pink bows were from H&M for only £1.99 which i think is an absolute bargain as the fabric is really soft and pretty! You can actually make these your self at home if you wished to do so but because i'm so so lazy i just bought one!

The Lace top was actually from the kids section in NewLook and it was the only lace crop top that i've seen and instantly loved, only £9.99 as well!

The small aztec looking box is actually a contact lens storage box with an old fashioned contact lens case inside, i say old fashioned because they don't use those anymore at opticians. However i've wanted this for a very long time but was never fully prepared to dish out £10, but i recently saw that they were on offer in Urban Outfitters for £3! So of course without any second thought they were mine. Here's how they look on the inside. Also as you can see they have a small mirror at the top which i personally think is useless, but cute nonetheless.

The small Pink liquid in the clear box is Boots' own brand hair serum which i have yet to have an opinion on however the smell is very strong and shampoo -y and definitely adds shine! Too much can make your hair look greasy so be warned.

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