Monday 22 April 2013

Review: Real Techniques Core collection brushes + Stippling Brush

So this is my first ever post where a follower has actually requested a post! Aw. I'm so excited to be doing this! Please note if anyone has any other things they'd like to see please comment! Feedback is always appreciated.

None of these photos are watermarked purely because im too lazy and i'm supposed to be doing homework right now but no im sat here doing a review on makeup brushes. My maths teacher should be proud. Also please excuse the makeup on these brushes they have been used however its not like they've been used for months or anything i've used these merely once or twice. 

 First off we have the 'Buffing brush' which is my favourite brush out of the Core collection.  Many bloggers/youtubers/other people use this brush for foundation (liquid) however on the actual packaging of the box it says to use with powders/mineral foundation. I've personally never used this for liquid foundation however i have used it for powders and to 'buff' (as the name suggests) and the edges of my BB cream (edges of face) to give a more flawless and natural look.

For buffing and applying powder i found this brush to be AMAZING. That's not even an over exaggeration this brush is literally heaven. Applies the powder evenly, smoothly and not mention how incredibly soft it is! It's so soft that you actually want to keep applying more and more powder (highly advise against this as it can look cakey - i dont care how soft it is - dont do it) 

The bristles on this brush are very tightly backed making it very full compared to any other brush i've ever used however i think this adds to how good it is and how the foundation/powder is applied. Im personally not too keen on the gold and black combo on the brush but with the quality of it i can over look that.

Close up of the brush so you can see just how dense it actually is.

 Second favourite brush (im going in order of liking if you hadn't already guessed) this is called the 'Contour brush' This brush is still very dense like the buffing brush however because of the tapered end it doesn't appear that way at all. It is much smaller than the other brush but is still a good side and very much usable for blush and bronzer!

Almost all real technique brushes are super soft and this is just another example! Again the same black bottom and white bristles are featured in this one (right now its pink because of blusher)

A close up of the brushes allows you to see what i mean when i say tapered, compared to the buffing brush where the top is pretty much flat and like a much smaller kabuki brush this one seems to be slightly empty, or bald but that doesn't mean its not useful. 

 The 'Detailer brush'! On the packaging it says that this brush should be used for lipstick/concealer.  So far in me owning it i have only used it to cover up blemishes with a concealer (not for under eyes) and i found it to be very useful as the incredibly small size gives accuracy and precision which is always helpful. 

Although i think it could be a tad bigger to make it useful for the under eyes (still having to use ring finger) its a decent size nonetheless.
Almost like a foundation brush it features the pointed tapered end however on a much smaller scale.
 Last item from the core collection is the 'pointed foundation brush' which is my least favourite this is for various reasons. 

This brush lets the other ones down in my opinion as i find its not as soft, the fact its 'pointed' means sometimes it can be a little sharp almost like getting poked with a small twig or needle very gently (not the most pleasant thing)

The size of this brush means you literally have to be there for a very long time just apply foundation/bb cream whilst simultaneously jabbing your self with a sharp brush. So overall no i didn't like this brush at all because at times it could also be a little streaky which is never a good look for foundation. 

 My joint favourite brush is the stippling brush! Which i use to apply foundation/BB cream. 

This was the first real techniques brush i purchased and honestly i can say it was love at first sight! 

This brush makes your base look so flawless and so even and literally pixel perfect (little bit cliché thing to say about a stippling brush but it doesn't make it any less true) 

The brush has very easily fit into my everyday makeup routine simply because its very soft and makes the base look amazing, makes my skin (and im sure any skin look amazing) too! I cannot reccomend this product enough! You can purchase all these brushes from Boots or Amazon in the UK. Im unsure about abroad so please forgive me. 



  1. Thankyou so much for doing this review!! It was so helpful and informative and I plan to purchase these brushes soon :)

    1. i'm so glad you think so! If you have any other posts you'd like to see feel free to comment! xx

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