Sunday 7 April 2013

Review: Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids

Considering I've never done a review i thought it was about time i did! So my first ever review is going to be on the Maybelline Vivids or more specifically the shade 'Shocking coral' (I know its been out for a really long time and i'm extremely late with this review but i can't help being so lazy! I'll get better at this whole blogging thing - i promise)

To begin the pigmentation of this lipstick is absolutely amazing and if anything i'd say it was TOO pigmented, so careful when doing a swatch because i should warn you it will stain your hand. However on the lips it looks gorgeous.

Seeing as this colour is very very bright i wouldn't recommend putting this on as you would with other lipsticks, instead apply a small amount in the center of both your lower and upper lips then with your ring finger spread it to the corners, by doing this you'll get the colour wanted but much less intense and in your face.

The lipstick has a very thick and creamy consistency which is great as it wont dry out your lips at all! Also if you have a tendency to lick your lips a lot (i do!) the colour will stay put, and has no horrible taste that many lipsticks do!

In this swatch you can clearly see just how bright it is! I personally think the colour is really pretty and perfect for the Spring/Summer period, however when wearing this shade make sure not to over do the rest of your makeup as it can look a little too much and make it unflattering.

NOTE Make sure to be careful when applying because it can easily get spread outside of the lip area and it will stain the surroundings. Attractive right? Smeared pink lipstick on your face...


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  2. lovely blog! Love the pictures! I also really need to try out this product, i've read so many reviews but never given it a go!
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