Sunday 21 April 2013

OOTD & blog info (again)

Although i try to post as frequently as i possibly can and i do try to do a range of posts, having my GCSEs and various other things can make this very difficult so starting from May and possibly next week i will limit my self to posting twice a week. The days I've allocated for posting are Monday and Wednesday, i sincerely apologise if thats bad timing for you however please try to understand that exams can get very stressful.

Also i would like the thank everyone that has been commenting on my posts, i literally get so so excited when i see i have a new comment so please don't stop! Another thing is i have another Review up tomorrow (requested by a lovely follower) so keep your eye out for that!

Onto the ootd. This outfit was from a really long time ago when i went food shopping and just out and about so its really nothing special however i couldn't just have a text post with no pictures i mean what would you look at?
I think i do this for every OOTD post but im very sorry for the same pose and stupid retrica in the corner.

None of the clothes worn in this picture are new (sorry for wearing something twice!)

But i thought it was a really nice spring outfit and the day i wore this the weather was actually good and of course since here in England we hardly ever get good weather, when we do get it we have to take full advantage!


  1. Hiya,
    I love blog and I have subscribed/followed via GFC. I would love it if you could chec my blog out x

    1. thank you so much! and of course i think your blog is great, going to follow!


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