Saturday 10 May 2014

Top 5 Spring lipsticks with on lip swatches - Revlon, Rimmel, loreal...

Hello guys!

So today I am here to share with you all lovely readers my top 5 most used and most loved spring lipsticks! There's also a video that will go along side this on youtube and I shall have that posted at the end of the post.
Without further ado, on with the post!

So first I have a lipstick/lip balm that I have being loving (adoring actually) for a very long time so i'ts no surprise that it has made its way onto my top 5 spring lipsticks! 
This Revlon lip butter in 'macaroon' will always be one of my favourites simply because its such a lovely consistency, amazing colour pay off and this colour is surprisingly more long lasting than the others i've tried which of course just adds to long list of 'reasons i'm obsessed with Revlon lip products'.
Next I have what is possibly my most loved lip product of all time, and that is the Revlon Matte Lip Balm in the shade 'sultry', this lipstick lasts such a long time it's quite unbelievable - I'm talking way over 8 hours here. I also think the love of this lipstick drove me into going a little crazy with the selfie swatches (thats a new thing by the way).  
In the pictures it seems as though this and the previous lipstick are pretty much the same colour but thats not the case as in person the lip balm is much darker, and of course matte as oppose to the shiny Revlon lip butter. 
I can 100% see my self repurchasing this over and over and if you like matte products that don't dry your lips and last long, you'll love this. 
This next one is again another Revlon lip balm (is the obsession with Revlon showing yet?) HOWEVER i've got to say I like this a lot less than the 'sultry' because I find that over time this sort of separates on the lips and looks cracked, which is quite disappointing - this is in the shade 'elusive'
The balm does still last just as long as the other and the colour payoff is just as good as the other too, and because of those reasons alone it has managed to sneak its way into my top 5. 
Going onto the lighter, slightly barbier pinks we have the Loreal paris nude in 'Julianne's nude'. Now I have a very strong love, hate relationship with this and that's just mainly down to the question of "does this suit me?" because its very much a light pink I find that in certain lighting I look a little....caked? You'd be surprised at the impact that lipstick has on the way your foundation looks, I find that with my skin using darker berry tones compliments it much more. 
Apologies for using a thumbnail of one of my videos rather than a proper photo but I tried countlessly to take a good picture and none compared to the excellent colour in this picture, so for now just ignore the phone.
This is the Rimmel lipstick from the kate moss collection in the shade '111' and I think the shade of this lipstick compliments my skin tone (which seems to look different in every picture I take!). 
The lasting power is great as well as the smell (an odd thing to pick up on but Lipsticks have the best smells) and the consistency is fantastic along with the price of around £5.
That is the end of the top 5 lipsticks, I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you enjoy the video that goes with it, 
let me know if you like any of these products? Is there any good drugstore lipsticks I should try? Take a look at the poll to the left of this site and let me know what you'd like to see! 
Click here for the video to this post.

Till' next time, 


  1. I really need to try the Revlon Colorburst! And that red lip suits you down to a tee. :)

    1. They're so great! and thank you! it's such a pretty red xx

  2. The Revlon Colorburst balms are amazing and I've got a slight obsession with them too!! And you look really nice with the red lipstick! x

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. They're too good to not have an obsession with them! and thank you sweetie! xx

  3. I'm really glad! Welcome to my blog :) x

  4. great article.♥
    such prettey colours. love the red / last one the most.

    1. Thank you! & the red is really pretty, rimmel did really when on that one! x

  5. I love the red one! Looks really nice on you! XOXO


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