Thursday 4 April 2013

Mini - Spring Haul 01

So I've not had Wifi for about a week now and to be honest i've been struggling without it. Using mobile signal for everything you do on the internet is NOT easy. Trust me. So who's missed me ;D eh? eh? yeah no one....

Considering i'm always shopping because i like it and people allow me out of the house (no clue why because every time i do go out i blow too much cash) BUT this time i didn't actually buy much! *yay*

The two Items that i actually don't have pictures of - sorry its mainly because im so very very lazy! Is the Neautrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Scrub, one of the reasons why i purchased this was because it was on sale (yes im a sucker for bargains) but also because i was in dire need of a new scrub! After using it once or twice i can say that its pretty damn amazing. The smell is gorgeous (well for a facial scrub anyway) it smells fresh and lime/lemony, also works wonders!
The second item that i have no image of is a boots body spray from their natural line, its an under water one made with sea minerals and such, i needed a new cheap smell and this seemed perfect! (also i cant go into boots and not come out with at least one purchase)

So the items that i DO infact have pictures for..

500 Days of Summer! AKA one of my all time favourite movies...this is a Rom - Com (technically) but i personally think its far from it, as the DVD it self tells us its not a 'love story' but a 'story about love' the twist at the end is probably what makes me love this film so very much, thus the reason of me buying this for the incredible price of £2.99 from HMV! (yay for another bargain) 
The second item that's in this picture is Frilly ankle socks from Topshop. Basically something you would expect to see a 3 year old girl wearing but honestly its so pretty and girly and if used properly can look very cute (my personal opinion). There are so many different colour combinations to choose from but i went with the cream on cream because i think it can be styled much easier, however having said that ill probably be going back and purchasing more (there's currently an offer of 3 for £8.00 going so i'll take advantage of that!) 

I went to 'Candle Time' in my local shopping centre again. oh no. Of course i couldn't come out of that shop without buying anything so this time i bought a tart burner! Now before my addiction to Instagram i had no idea how to use tart candles but now i do! All you need to do is get a tart burner, a special slightly larger unscented tea light to go at the bottom inside, and of course a tart candle! The one i was about to burn in this picture is Turquoise Sky which i didn't buy on the same day. 



  1. I love those topshop socks! sooo sweet

    1. I know! Such a cute pair of socks! Ill probably be going back for more. They're such so adorable!


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