Sunday 29 April 2018


As someone with troublesome skin, I am always on the hunt for my next holy-grail product. Although it seems contradictory to constantly call new items 'holy-grail', certain products and certain ingredients simply stop being as effective on me over time.

Having recently had a skin consultation and one course of microdermabrasion (let me know if you'd like a post on this), I have realised that my skin needs more hydration, nourishment and use of more gentle products. Hence, testing out this Superdrug range!

Vitamin E has high antioxidant properties and works to improve moisture and elasticity in the skin - working as an anti-aging nutrient. The combination of Vitamin C (I use this) and Vitamin E helps to reduce signs of acne and generally rejuvenate the skin for a healthy glow.

Additionally, with the help of SPF in the moisturiser, these products claim to help defend the skin against environmental damage.

Firstly, I would like to highlight that NONE of these products broke me out! My skin is usually quite sensitive and prone to breakouts from the most minor things, but these products seem to get past that. I would say to be careful if your skin is incredibly sensitive as every single one of the items in the range has a light fragrance.

From my favourite to least favourite:

Hydrating Mist: This is probably, hands down, my favourite product from the ones I have tried. If a mist could be silky, this is it. the spray bottle comes out fine, delicate and evenly spreads on the face. I have noticed a considerable difference in the way my moisturiser applies on top and my foundation following that.  Using this morning and night has definitely had a significant impact on my skin.

Moisturising Day Cream (SPF 15): My second favourite product of the range would be this beauty of a day cream. This cream sinks into the skin amazingly quickly making it perfect for those rushed early mornings. Having said this, it doesn't skimp on the moisturiser. In fact, I noticed that my foundation goes on incredibly smoothly after using this, so, if you're anything like me and don't enjoy using primers this little bargain might be for you.

Eye Cream: I have repeated this throughout the post but again, this little product made my concealer application an ease! Although I don't have any fine lines quite yet, there has been some small changes in my dark circles and general 'plumpness' of the undereye area and for that reason, I won't be striking out eye creams in my new routine quite yet. I have found, though, that not being used to using an eye product, I often forget to apply this (oops).

Nourishing Night Cream: Out of the selection, I tried this would be my least favourite. However, this is not to say that it is not a beautiful product in its own right. For me, this doesn't quite do the job in the same way that my trusty Hemp Seed Oil (a post on this may be coming?) does. In comparison to the day cream, I find this sinks into the skin much slower and requires more effort and a bit of elbow grease to massage this in. Additionally, sometimes I find a slight stickiness or tackiness to the product immediately after application, however, this goes away pretty quickly after.

Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by the Vitamin E range and would absolutely recommend these gems to anyone. Cruelty-free, affordable and does the job. What more can I ask of Superdrug? These are currently on offer for 'Buy 1, Get 2nd 1/2 Priced' which is how I purchased them - making them even more of a bargain!

Let me know what you guys think of this range if you've tried it for yourself? Will you be trying it?

Aida x


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