Sunday 23 June 2013

Review: Maybelline dream Pure 8-in1 BB cream

Being someone who's actually in a deep relationship with BB creams means whenever there's a new drugstore one that comes on sale, i buy it. So when i first found out about this one it was inevitable that i would purchase it merely days after i found out it was out, having a Boots/superdrug 10 minutes away from your house also helps too. 

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Packaging -  it seems to be that quite a few of items are coming out with teal somewhere in their packaging i realised this when i found out that i had a powder, BB cream and mascara that all matched (actually all paired up to create the perfect makeup look) 
But i can't complain, i love the colours used in the packaging and as always its super easy to use up all the product within in this tube as you can squeeze it out or start to roll the ends as you would with toothpaste!

Coverage - This is one of the best parts of this product, unlike the Dream fresh BB cream where the coverage is little to none this actually provides enough to cover any red marks (nothing too harsh) and blur out any blemishes. I find that i still need to apply concealer but i wasn't looking for anything too heavy from this product anyway it would defeat the point of a BB cream. 

Finish - Again comparing it to the dream fresh BB cream (which leaves a very dewy, glow to the skin) this BB cream is much more matte as it does specify the fact that its made for oily skin, although its matte it isn't cakey which is often a problem with face products that are made for problem skin. It comes out as a super natural matte finish and if you pair it with a good scrub and moisturiser you will get the perfect results. (click here for a review on a good matte scrub)

Blended into skin 

Colour range - I'm actually very disappointed at the range of colours available with this product - only 2! (Light + Medium) so this immediately rules out thousands of girls however i do thing that both of the shades do compliment your skin and do somehow end up looking exactly the same colour even if the initial swatch doesn't seem like it, i expect maybelline to bring out a universal colour like they did with the dream fresh bb cream or at least a darker shade as medium is still quite light!

Consistency -  With this product i find that its a little harder to work into the skin than other BB creams but that's not a problem as i tend to apply any foundation/BB cream with moisturiser (both dotted around face before blending in with a buffing brush/stippling brush) 

Wear - Considering my skin isn't actually very oily the product stayed put perfectly especially since i paired it with a very light dusting of rimmel clear complexion powder (powder is not needed unless you have extreme oily skin - the bb cream is pretty matte it self) the only reason i actually applied powder was because i wanted to set the concealer as the one i use very creamy and tends to move if touched/through out the day. 

Overall an amazing product and such a good value for money, the colour range is limited but if you're lucky to be able to purchase one of these (if they match your skin) i recommend you do so!



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