Saturday 8 June 2013

GlossyBox: June 2013 (Review)

Came back from shopping and maths revision to find that my june glossy box had arrived! woo! I only got my may one recently because i haven't been subscribed to it for too long.
Also...long time no see! Its been a while since i've talked to you guys on Saturday so hi!!

June 2013 glossy box
BAM what a big picture compared to normal right? I just thought you might want to see it this big, why not.

I think that this month's GlossyBox is about on the same par as the last one (click here to read that) however i was so so disapointed with the size of the nail polish in this one! It is so tiny!!

so onto the actual products in detail:

Helen É Cosmetics, Lip liner : This lip Liner is one of the creamiest i have ever tried and since it came in a full size i was impressed! However i find that this particular shade is far too dark and is more on the burgundy/brown side of things and since this box was supposed to be one of their summer boxes i was shocked to receive this, however i think it would create a perfect waterproof base for Berry/Plum lip colours in the Autumn(fall)/Winter.  You can see the colour swatches on my hand, its certainly a more grown up colour rather than girly/young so its not really my type but that won't stop me loving the consistency! But it claims to stop lipstick from feathering, bleeding or smudging which is great!

Lip liner 1.3g : £8.00
Lip crayon 2g: £8.00

Paul Mitchel Curls : When i saw that this product was in the booklet and therefore in the box i was beyond excited because i did think that the 'Ultimate wave' would act almost like a salt spray or curl cream and help make hair thats straight wavy, although thats not exactly what it claims to do i'll definitely be trying it out for that. For those who have naturally curly hair (which tends to be more dry than any other hair type) there's a deep conditioner or as they call it 'Full circle leave-in treatment' which will replenish your hair prep it for any styling that you may do after, apply it to damn or towel dried hair and gently work it with your fingers or comb it (with a wide tooth comb would be best ), you could always scrunch it for added shape then air dry or diffuse.
Full circle leave-in treatment 200ml : £14.95
Ultimate wave 150ml : £11.95

Figs & Rouge, Coco rose lip balm :  I think we should just take a moment to appreciate how pretty the packaging is. I mean wow. so girly. It's 100% natural so for anyone who prefers not to have horrible chemicals on their lips this is great! But it doesn't just stop at being for your lips, oh no, because of the light shimmer within it this product doubles up as an emergency eye shadow for those days where you just want added sheen and if worse comes to worse you could always use it as a moisturiser, works just as well, not the slightest bit sticky! The amazing packaging also means you don't have to apply it with your fingers when you're out and about so of course - more hygienic!
Full size 12.5ml: £5.00 (*cough* bargain *cough*)

Organic surge, super intensive daily moisturiser :  One of the full sizes that you get int he glossy box is this moisturiser, now although you get plenty and its perfect for nourishing super dry skin (or just those patches you may have) the smell is off putting (for me anyway) because it has flower oils and chamomile oil it means that there's a very strong floral scent to it which i find to be over powering, its almost like a lavender smell which would make sense since the packaging is purple. Although its labelled as a daily moisturiser i think it would be much better for night if you have oily/combination skin because it is meant for dry skin so you may find that its too moisturising for the day time and could possibly make you seem more shiny or oily.
Full size 50ml: £8.99 (great if you dont mind floral scents)

Nails inc, Portebllo :  I normally find that Nails Inc polishes are great! Im not in love with them, no. But thats mainly down to their hefty price tags i was excited to see it was in this months box but incredibly disappointed at the size. you could describe this product size as 'pathetic'but that may be a little too harsh as you do get other full size products.  I was lucky enough to be able to receive their new neon shade! I think those who enjoy orange/coral colours would love this. It also looks very vibrant with a tan (which is appropriate since lots of people tan in the summer, obviously) I do have 2 other nails inc polishes one in baby pink and one in a deep red and the quality of those are great so some may be willing to pay for the full size.
Full size 10ml : £11.00 (the hefty price tag i was talking about earlier)

See you all on Monday with a new post! (requests for future posts appreciated) ♥



  1. Nice post, my box was pretty different!
    I blogged it and would love if you could take a look,
    Maybe we could follow each other

  2. Hey, your box looks so much better! And you have a very pretty blog, sure I'd love to follow each other! xx

  3. I really hate that nail polish colour (I got the same in last month's box) but I love Nails Inc and even the minis last for ages. I got the lip balm but other than that your box is completely different.

    My June 2013 Glossybox.

    1. It really isn't the best colour is it? Haha yeah alot of people have said my box was different, not sure how I feel about that! But thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. Great post! I've subscribed to birchbox but am now keen to try a glossybox too, I wish their was a way to get alternate months of each! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  5. Oh wow, your box was completely different to mine!! I already own most of this box though so I am glad I didn't get this variation.

    Sara - Pretty In Pink


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