Wednesday 5 June 2013

DIY : Body scrub | Summer Tips

I'm back and by popular request (from both the poll and in person!) a DIY!
So i know a lot of people will be soaking up the sun and trying to get a tan (make sure you wear sun cream - a tan may be pretty but skin cancer isn't) but some of you may not tan as evenly or not like it, this body scrub helps even out your skin tone and because lemon has bleaching properties it may slightly lighten your skin (don't worry it's nothing dangerous and its not like you'll be 15 shades lighter or anything, if anything it returns you to your natural skin colour!) Read the end of this post if you'd like to have an all natural scrub without the bleaching effect

Also i've made a summer tips series which will mean i'll have some sort of post to help make 2013 one of the best summers yet (beauty wise anyway) Also please excuse the fact none of these photos have been edited so they may not be as bright but i wanted you guys to see the true colour and texture of things as we go along with this.

Make sure you have the following :

  • Salt (any salt will do however sea salt is the best)
  • Lemon juice (fresh is best but ready ones will be just fine!)
  • Honey (optional, creates a moisturising effect so those with dry skin may benefit from this also good if you like the smell)
  • Container to store in 

  1. Begin by squeezing half a lemon into your container, i'm just using an old hair mask container from herbal essences, if you're using ready made lemon juice use roughly 2 table spoons. 
  2. Now add salt, now how much you add is all up to your personal preference, if you prefer a more intense scrubbing experience and would really like to work your skin, go ahead and pour more salt in however if your skin is more on the sensitive side and you think the salt may be too harsh for it put less in and think about adding honey. However bare in mind that scrubbing dry skin can actually be beneficial as it removes all the flaky dead skin cells, its only beneficial if you follow up with a body oil (i use johnsons baby the aloe vera version) or a rich moisturiser. 
  3. Using a small spoon (or your fingers will work fine too) stir the mixture together, this is the time where you judge if more/less salt is needed for your body, once stirred your scrub is ready to use!
In just 3 easy steps you can make a scrub that makes your skin baby smooth using all natural ingredients too!
This should last you for roughly a week or more considering honey doesn't rot and salt/lemon can go a very long time before you have to stop using them.
 Once ready use your finger tips to scoop up the scrub from the container and in circular motions scrub your body all over, of course the sensible thing is to do this in the shower where you can easily wash the mixture off.

I wouldn't reccomend using the scrub on your face as i find its a little too harsh for that, if you still think salt will be too rough for you, try sugar which also dissolves in the hot water from your shower/bath so will be much more gentle and still have the same results!
If you'd like to avoid the bleaching effect of the lemon skip it and use honey and salt/sugar, this DIY recipe can really be altered for anyone's personal use and still works great! Hope you all enjoy this and post me any comments about the Summer Tips series!

Thank you all so much and i apologuse for not posting when i should!

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  1. Love this idea! I'm going to try it out asap! Thanks :) xxxxx


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