Thursday 30 May 2013

GlossyBox: May 2013 (review)

To begin with, an apology - i'm very sorry that i didn't post on Wednesday (yesterday) because basically it wasn't a good day for me at all, i wasn't in the mood and really couldn't make a post otherwise it would've been a rant. not good. 

Now that that's over with...My May Glossybox!! this is very exciting as i've always wanted to subscribe but for some reason always held a few quick information about the glossy box.

  • It costs £10 a month (£12.95 with delivery)
  • You get 5 products that are often in miniature form
  • The products are a range of makeup, hair and everything beauty
I think one of the reasons i always held back was the fact i never knew if it was truly worth it and having seen one of my favourite bloggers unsubscribe from it, it only made me more uncertain. However i took a risk and now im a 'Glossy' as they call it. 
Glossybox May 2013

Since this is the Glossybox's 2nd anniversary the packaging was all about that particular theme. 

The actual box it arrived in was a very pretty baby pink colour (which happens to be one of my favourite colours) and it was wrapped very elegantly (for a box anyway).

The actual products received were: 

R&G (roger and gallet) fleur de figuler sachets - a shower cream, body lotion and sample of the 'eau fraiche' perfume which i can already say smells divine! very floral and girly.  

A full sized 'jelly pong pong' fairy lashes mascara - this was a great thing to be included in the box as i have a huge obsession with mascaras and i'm not quite sure why so to be able to test brands that aren't quite as famous is always fun! The packaging reminds me of the mac lipsticks (that unique bullet shape) but extended, its a deep purple and as a very fine and rather small brush head. 

'Premae' harmony balm - This is a multi-tasker as it functions both as skin protector and a primer although the full 30ml retails for £26.50 the miniature size given in the glossy box (10ml) seems as though its more than enough to last as the consistency is very thick but blends incredibly well, a little really goes a long way with this. It also has aloe vera in which is great since i love all skin care products that have this in them. 

'Beautiful movements cosmetics' prime & create mixing medium - To me this was rather an odd product to receive and at only 2.5g it almost seems like a rip off! However this thought was before i realised what it actually does. This product is literally the mother of all multi-taskers because it acts like a primer creating a shine free matte surface, it can be turned into a cream foundation for flawless application, with powder blushes or bronzers for a cream tint and (yes there's still more) with eye shadow pigments to create liquid eyeliners, i personally like to call this makeup heaven in liquid form. 

'Headline colors' poolside party nail polish - This was a full sized nail polish which honestly excites me and im not quite sure why, the colour of this is chic and not something i would spend £9 on normally however when i applied this i fell in love. Literally, i love my bright colours for nail polish and this isn't something i would normally put on but its so simple and beautiful that i can honestly see it becoming my new favourite nail polish (or one of them anyway)

The colour is very subtle (as seen on my little finger in the picture) and i do realise that i smudged it a little - it was out of excitement ok?
Also excuse how short my nails are they aren't normally this short i had to cut them yesterday because they were all becoming a little too long, out of shape and uneven. 

To find out more about the Glossy Box and/or if you're thinking of subscribing click here


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