Monday 6 May 2013

Spring Time & Curly hair!

It's a Monday so?? BLOG POST. no body is probably as excited as i am! but oh well! 

So 'up north' we have finally gotten some sunshine!! Which is amazing so me and a friend (hello friend) decided to go out and about wondering like the 'gangsta' teens that we are...and i somehow managed to spend £7 which isn't a lot i know but when you go out with absolutely no intention of buying ANYTHING its quite a lot. 

Not much was purchased and can i point out that the ONLY reason i bought the Elle magazine was because of this beauty >>>>>

I know im a bit late and its not good to follow the crowd but i just had to see what all the hype about this product was! So if anyone is interested i'd happily do a review on it!

The glamour magazine was no surprise as i collect them and have a total of 25 now! (2 years and 1 month worth if you're terrible at maths)  The fiji water is only included because the bottle was pretty and i did buy chocolate but i ate that...and who wants to see a wrapper???


I did over the weekend buy new straighteners  So i use every excuse i can find to use them (no longer doing heatless challenge) and i thought i would include the results in this post because why not? Excuse the PJs and glasses because who can be bothered to wear contacts and nice looking clothes at home?! pfft. 

yeah i didn't make that clear....i used the straighteners to curl my hair not straighten it...because my hair is already naturally straight so there would be no real point to it. 


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