Wednesday 22 May 2013

How to make Foundation + Lipstick sit nicely on skin

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Foundation/BB cream 

The trick to make foundation look good is to find what kind of skin you have...whether that may be dry, combination, normal or oily. Sometimes you'll find that your skin type is somewhere in between two of those so don't worry that's perfectly normal too, infact my personal skin tone varies from dry to combination!

Before applying foundation you need find a good scrub (either homemade or shop bought) and make sure that it's appropriate for your skin so if you have dry skin you don't want something that'll will dry it out even more! And vice versa. So you need gently but thoroughly exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells that can actually make you look dull and washed out.

Then apply a thick (oil free preferably) moisturiser and make sure you wait for it to dry before you begin applying your foundation. If you have larger pores (these are normally genetic) you may find that applying a primer before hand will help the foundation to apply smoothly, if not then skip this step.

When applying the actual foundation i wouldn't recommend using your fingers (unless you're using something light like a BB cream) but instead to opt for a blending sponge, stippling brush or foundation brush because this means you won't get any messy streaky lines all over your face.
You do have to remember that no matter how well you prep and prime your skin if the colour of the foundation is wrong for your skin it wont look good! Simple as that. Also bare in mind that the more you apply the more you're at risk of getting that 'Cakey' look.

If you have oily/combination skin, dust on some powder to set the foundation and stop it from slipping and sliding during the day. If you have dry skin you may just find that you have to dust some on in the T-Zone area rather than everywhere.


Lipstick is actually a lot like the foundation, your lips have to be exfoliated and moisturised however with lipstick you may find that moisturising before hand might get rid of the brightness of your lipstick and make it slide which can look like a big mess, i've tried this before i made this post - big no no. However some tinted lip balms (like the ones from miss sporty) they actually help the lipstick to look more natural and flattering - remember to match the tint of the balm with your lip colour also wear a blusher from the same family range so you dont clash colours.

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