Saturday 5 October 2013

Review: Sleek Blush 'Rose Gold'

Hello guys,

I'm trying to keep to my promise and write more but it's been difficult because recently I've had zero motivation to do anything. However i did a little online shopping from SuperDrug as it was free delivery and one of the item I purchased was a sleek blush. 

A lot of times I find that I have no real need for more than one blush (even though I always get an urge to go out and buy thousands) and i'm perfectly happy with my Revlon cream one, but with the amount of people obsessing over Nars Orgasm and many other blushes I wanted to have more of a variety. I'd heard that this is the ultimate dupe for it, so of course I had to have it.....and I have no regrets...

Its a pink based creamy blush that blends perfectly, with specks of gold within in hence 'Rose Gold' and honestly I think its such a beautiful beautiful shade although not very Autumn(fall)/Winter like (I still need to go shopping for that) it's a lovely blush that can be worn all year around. 
Also I've found that sweeping this across your lid and into your crease with a fluffy blending brush looks gorgeous, the gold really shows through on your lids and the pink looks more clear in your crease. Effortless eye makeup - what's not to love? By having it both on your lids and on your cheeks ties together the look and I think that the almost metallic like shimmer of the gold allows us to use this in double and still not look over the top or crazy. 

The size of the packaging is tiny, but comes in at around 9g which is a fair amount and I don't think i'll be going through this any time soon because, luckily, it's very pigmented for such an affordable price. 

I suggest you all run out and buy this if you like to look alive by using blusher, and although I don't own Nars Orgasm from pictures, swatches and videos that I've seen this looks incredibly close, if not the same!

Till' next time,

- A


  1. ♥ BEAUTIFUL, i love your pictures!
    following you via GFC, beautiful girl :*

  2. A great dupe, I may purchase it too, xoxo.


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