Sunday 29 December 2013

Birthday/Christmas Beauty gifts 2013!

Hello guys! Merry Christmas! Long time no see...

It's been my fault that I haven't made posts in what seems like forever but with all the Christmas shopping, sales and my birthday (19th December) it got to be very busy, but also it's been because I'm very very lazy. My apologies! 
But i'm back now and I wanted to share the beauty things that I received for my Birthday/Christmas and the beauty related items I purchased with the gift cards given to me by my amazing friends (shout out to them).
May I just add that I am in no way bragging or trying to show off, I love reading/watching these kinds of things because who doesn't like being nosey once in a while? And I thought you guys would enjoy it too. 

This year was the first time that I have owned high end beauty products and i've got to say they are amazing! Let me know if you want a review of any of the following : urban decay naked basics, benefit rockateur, mac studio fix fluid!

The black and pink ted baker bow makeup bag was something that i've wanted to have literally all of this year and after receiving giftcards from friends I thought it would be a perfect time as i've always been unsure if I was willing to spend £25 on a small bag...but hey now its like my friends bought it for me!

I'm also very thankful to receive the maybelline products as it's one of my favourite drugstore brands and the baby lips are amazing! We can't get those in the UK but a friend of mine was lovely enough to order them for me and I have to say these smell amazing! 

It's a short post today as I dont think I have to go through each invidiual product, the pictures speak for them selves! I have a present coming in the mail and I cant wait to share what it is with you guys!! Hopefully you'll all be as excited as I am, because it'll be effecting both of us! 

Did you guys receive any beauty products? Did you buy any for your self? Would you like a review on anything? Let me know! I love hearing from you♥

Till' next time,

- A

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  1. great post! i love that ted baker make up bag!
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