Thursday 2 January 2014

Review: Benefit Rockateur

Hello my lovelies! 

So today i'm doing a review on what I think is probably my favourite blush of all time (until the next one comes along) and thats the Benefit rockateur! 

Tell me what you think about the quality/brightness of the pictures?

The blush is a mixture of a blush/bronzer which makes it the perfect colour for autumn/winter however I can see my self using this blush all year around because I find that it compliments my skin tone perfectly once on my face. However because of the tone and colour I do think that anyone of any shade will be able to wear this colour and look amazing in it. 

Unusually this blush has a very distinct smell, its almost like old people's soap and its quite sweet. Personally I love this scent however it could be an off putting factor for some people therefore you should consider whether smells bother you or not in makeup before dishing out roughly £23. 

The brush that the blush comes with is incredibly soft for something that comes free with it, however I won't be using it as I find blushes like this hard to use and blend it with.  
The actual packaging of this blush is gorgeous too (as is any benefit product!) 

It's a short review today guys! Thank you for reading and i'll see you in the next post.

Till' next time, 



  1. Such a pretty blush :) xx

  2. The shade suits your skintone perfectly, xoxo.


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