Thursday 1 January 2015

Making realistic goals for the new year (2015) - A how to guide by a hypocrite


As each new year arrives, the inevitable goal making and aspiration making begins, its almost involuntary to quickly scribble down a long winded list, of all the things you have convinced your self you will do this year. Of course, you never do, because who truly wants to spend cold January mornings at a dull, grey and uninspiring gym when all you want is the comfort of your own bed as you recover from December. The January hang over I call it.  I too, have far too often been a victim of the unrealistic and honestly, daunting seemingly endless list of goals that I know full well will never be completed. It's time for change. 

So, this year as part of my own personal goals, I decided that I would make goals that are actually achievable and doable by my standards (laziness taken in consideration). Rather than creating an impressive looking essay of tasks to be completed by the time 2015 is over, I create a list that I can actually complete successfully, and have it actually affect my life in a positive manner.

Here's mine:
  • Write More - write anything and everything. Put pen to paper, and get down all those ideas as far-fetched as they may seem, you'll never know what idea you may spark.
  • Read More - stop and escape into the world of fiction, because god damn it sometimes we all need an escape from reality and what better way to do that than through the literary world?
  • Stress Less - I stress before there's even anything to stress about and you know what? It needs to stop. 
  • Keep it simple - Stop over thinking and over analyzing everything in your life. Keep it simple and (hopefully) good things will follow. Keep it simple by doing as you please, stop trying to reason everything you do and do it purely for the sake of wanting to
  • BLOG MORE - need I say more? Blogging is a way for me to vent, as well as share my own personal interests with others who are interested and it can be a good place to escape when Binge watching series on Netflix and reading books just won't do.  
To someone who may be skimming through this post, or even glancing at them, they will seem meaningless and quite frankly on the pathetic side, but it has to be understood that this year I have planned to be realistic. In the past I have too often fooled my self into believing that I could lead an uber healthy lifestyle, exercise 3 days a week and save tons of money but the sad truth is that I like my junk food, I love my bed and I love shopping. No shame. 

I sincerely hope you guys have an incredible 2015, that it brings you all the joy and happiness that previous years may not have brought and that it becomes a memorable year for you all. 


Till' next time,


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