Tuesday 6 August 2013

"Coral Queen" - Obsession with Coral?

A different kind of post spice things up a little. I hope you like my new background for products its actually a school binder i've purchased for next year (will be seen in later post/video)

For the last 2 years or so it seems as though there's been a huge trend of having Coral in Makeup and of course on clothing. Having peachy coral lips, cheeks and eyes seems like a slight over board of orange to me but last summer that very look was seen everywhere and i find that quite hard to comprehend, those with darker complexions (around olive tones) look amazing with a dusting of coral/peach blusher sweeped on their cheek and those with lighter complexions really suit that coloured lip stick. 
But 2 years on and its getting a little dull, seeing brands constantly advertise this particular shade of orange...but having said this i my self have a few things in the colour. 

Although im getting a little sick of this craze (though not one of the most obvious ones) i do actually think the colour 'coral' is very pretty and if worn right can look incredible, i have a few products in this shade that i've purchased from a year or two ago to the present day ...

not the best quality i aplogise. 
From left to right: Barry M nail paint 'coral' , Nails inc 'portobello' , Revlon 'Tutti frutti' , Dr Balm miss sporty '03'

The Barry M and revlon were actually purchased 2 years ago when coral was starting to be come out in a lot of brands. 

The Polishes look pretty for those who have a tan and would like to make it stand out more however you must be warned the Nails inc one is more on the Neon side of things and i don't personally like it too much (received in a previous glossy box) but the other products are very nice shades (more on the orange side than pink) and can spice up any plain outfit. 

A different kind of post i know, started off as almost a rant...sorry. 

Till' next time, 

- A

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