Sunday 4 August 2013

Review: Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser Skin conditioner (Dry Skin)

Oh readers have i found a gem! An amazing product...a product from the heavens it self (slight exaggeration)
I'm back with a review! It's not often that i review something that's not Makeup/Nail polish so i thought this would be a pleasant change. 

As you can see from the second picture you're supposed to apply this product after you cleanse your self, and then once you've applied this all over your body you rinse it off. 

When you first begin applying this it's odd because with just one or two rubs it immediately sinks into your skin and you can't tell you even applied it! I've already mentioned this in previous posts but i have very dry skin on my body and if there's a product claiming that it can make that go away..then i'll try it!

After rinsing you can deffinitely tell a difference in your skin! It becomes smooth, slippery and soft - just like a babies (i know it's cliché to say 'like a babies bottom' but honestly your skin will feel like that!).

Once you're out of the shower and all dried off i would say that the moisturiser does wear out a little, not much though. My skin normally feels very tight after a shower and i need to apply some sort of moisturiser/body butter/oil in order to be comfortable and not feel itchy and tight. However with this product i didn't feel tight or itchy which is a huge improvement, but because i know how my skin is and tends to act up a few hours later i still went ahead and applied oil, now it's morning and my skin still feels baby soft and smooth. Result. 

The packaging of the product is rather odd and it could have probably been improved to look better but that's not something that would put me off using this completely. 
On the other hand there is something that i love about it and that's the consistency, when you squeeze the product out it comes out very creamy and thick but once you start applying it onto your skin it spreads out into this thin very moisturising cream and a little goes a long way so i don't think it'll run out any time soon but when that does happen i will be repurchasing this!

This product is currently on offer in Superdrug for half price i believe so i may have to go back and stock up before it goes back to full price!

sorry for the rather short post compared to my last one!

till' next time beauties, 

- A

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