Wednesday 31 July 2013

August Nails & Lips (essentials) + Mini Beauty Haul

Can any of you believe that it's August tomorrow? Then September and of course with that school! I'm actually beginning to miss school and all the wonderful stress that comes with it...well actually it's more like i miss my friends and the memories that have been put on hold for 5 weeks while we all sit at home and watch the rain pour. 

I thought that just before a particular month begins i would do a post almost like an 'essentials' for that month, and for August i'm doing Nails & Lips because if you're fortunate enough to be in a place that has Sun then you may need some ideas, inspiration or products to keep you going in that month! So viola. 

Nails! Considering it's August you'd probably want to have your nails bright and colourful too, you know to match the flowers, trees, and animals? 
From left to right: Models Own - Strawberry tart, Barry M Nail Paint - Blueberry, Barry M Gelly hi shine Nail paint - pickled pear, Barry M Gelly hi shine Nail Paint - Green berry, SinfulColors - Soul mate, SinfulColors - Purple diamond . 

All of these nail polish have beautiful pastel like shades (especially the first 4) and they make you nails perfectly summery.
If Barry M didn't do such lovely shades i wouldn't buy any of it because the consistency honestly isn't worth the £2.99/£3.99 pricetag, even though that's not alot there are nail polish out there like Sinful Colors where you get much more product for £1.99 and the consistency is better too!

The Models own nail polish has an awful consistency, it's runny, shear and quite frankly a nightmare! But the colour was what caught my attention, its like a light neon if such thing ever existed. On your nails this polish stands out as a neon would, if you're someone who likes to have tan skin or just would generally like to appear darker (personally i'm not one of those) this nail polish will make your skin seem darker, don't be put off if that's not what you're looking for but this is a very nice shade of pink which will be gorgeous for August/Summer period. 

Lips! Along with Sun and heat comes chapped to help them out our first instinct would be to make sure they're covered in vaseline, or something as moisturising - now although that would be the right thing to do in some sense what you actually want to do is scrub your lips before hand, i like using the lip scrubs that Lush sells as they're edible, smell and taste amazing! Of course they do the job too. 
If you can't afford to buy a lip scrub or you see no reason why you should spend around £5 on something like this then i do have a few DIY lipscrub ideas and if you'd like to see that please comment bellow telling me! 
To follow up the scrubbing (which should last around 10 seconds on each lip and should be done in circular motions) i like using a tinted moisturiser after this is because i'm usually going out after and i'd like a little colour on my lips but think lipstick might be a little too heavy or will sink into my chapped lips and show them even more! 

From left to right: Maybelline Baby lips - Pink Punch, Burts bees replenishing lip balm - pomegranate,  Nivea lip balm - Soft rose. 

All of these lip balms have a slight tint to them and as far as im concerned 2 of them have SPF in (Baby Lips & Nivea) so if you are going to be in the sun finding a lip product that has SPF will help product your lips (which are too often neglected in the sun) 

Now for the Mini Haul (a few products have already been mentioned..

My skin is very dry and in the past the doctors thought i was showing signs of eczema. Fortunately i don't have it but unfortunately my skin is still dry and no lotion or cream works well apart from Johnsons Baby oil so i purchased two as there was an offer going...but i also noticed another offer (im all for a good deal) of Palmers cocoa butter and i wanted to try a lotion this time and having heard so many good things about the product i thought i'd purchase it. 

The Clearasil wash|mask was bought because my Neutrogena wash|mask had ran out and having tried a sample of this product near it's launch and loving it i thought it was about time i went and bought the full size!

I also bought some more school supplies which will have their own post/video in a few weeks. 

Sorry for the rather 'wordy' post

till' next time 

- A


  1. I really love all of the nail varnishes, want to get the sinful colours ones! Also want to get the maybelline baby lips but I can't find it anywhere :(

    check out my blog if you get a chance :)

    1. Aw I'm glad you agree! And I found my baby Lips at boots, you can get it from the boots online store too! In my local one they aren't stacked on shelves they're hanging from these plastic things from the shelves x


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