Saturday 27 July 2013

Small Clothing Haul - Asos & Zara

Yes yes i've been shopping but no, this time i was good and i didn't go overboard however i wanted to share my purchases with you as this was the first time i had bought anything from Asos (the sale does help in deciding whether to buy or not to buy)  
I Apologize for using retrica and not a good quality filter however i am yet to find an app that has a timer for pictures that keeps the photos high quality.

The first thing i purchased was this floral skirt from Asos, it has a black background with a rain forest like print. For under £10 (this was around £8 i believe) i found this to be a real bargain! Plus the other skirts that i own are all plain, im known to wear my denim topshop skater skirt far too often so i thought it was about time i invested in a printed skirt. 

The second thing from Asos was this navy pinafore style dress with a deep dip arm. Now i remember as a child of around 3 or 4 i had an almost exact replica of this dress so when i found it on the Asos website i fell in love with it and just had to get it! This was around £14 and with a striped red top underneath i think that it would add a real 'sailor' feel to it. 

Next was this thin black top that i got from Zara was another bargain for £5.99! The Zara sales really amazing.. The top is very subtly striped and alternates between being opaque and shear which i think is a very nice touch.  The back features a gold zip and bellow that a slit, however the lit doesn't show any back as it starts on the lower back. 

sorry for the awful quality. - Zara jumper 

Finally i got this rather baggy jumper from Zara which i initially thought would be £9.99 but turned out it was reduced further down to £5.99! So the sales this year have been very kind to me! I know that we're not even in the middle of summer never mind the end however when i see a jumper i like, no matter what season it is i will buy it. I'm obsessed with them therefore i can always justify spending money on it. 

Bye bye beauties, till' next time 




  1. The Asos dress is soo pretty��

    1. It reminds me of little girls clothes! I think it's gonna be nice with a jumper too! But thank you it is pretty isn't it :D x


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