Sunday 21 July 2013

Smoothie: Apple & Banana (quick and easy!)

I have vowed to be more healthy this summer and a part of this is going to be drinking filling smoothies for breakfast (i personally don't like breakfast and i don't enjoy eating it) so having a smoothie to drink is perfect and there is so many different combinations that are out there for you to try!
Over the next 6 weeks my posts will be more directed towards the answers you gave in a previous poll and you'll be seeing alot of food, diy, outfits and of course there still shall be the hauls and reviews that i do all too often.

This smoothie is one of the more easy, simple and some would say the 'classic' combinations, which is Apple & banana.


  • 1 medium/large apple (red ones tend to me more sweet)
  • 1 medium/large banana
  • 2 cups of milk 
  • Handful of ice
Begin by preparing your fruit and chopping it into a size that your blender will be able to handle, roughly 2cm chunks will do. Please excuse the floral plate it was the closest one i could find this morning and i didn't know i was even going to do this post.

Next measure out 2 cups of milk, this will be the first ingredient that will be added to the blender (remember with a blender you always start with liquids and make your way up to the hardest ingredient) so in our case the order will be: milk, banana, apple, ice. 

After all your ingredients have been added...BLEND! You can occasionally pulse to make sure the ice has fully been blended.

This smoothie really is that simple on the left is the picture of it with all the ingredients. Remember that you can always adjust this recipe to meet the amount of mouths you have to feed, in my case this allowed me to pour 3 large cups of the smoothie so roughly 3/4 people depending on how much they drink and how large your cups are.

The consistency of the smoothie is just how i like it, not too thick and not too thin. If you wish for your smoothie to be thick then try adding less milk, and of course if you like it thinner add more milk.
It really is up to you! There is no right or wrong when it comes to making this.

The froth seen at the top when blended is perfectly normally and will settle once you leave it, personally i think the froth adds something extra to it and i actually enjoy drinking it when it's still present.

Better pictures shall be present for the next post i apologise for this one, i hope you still enjoyed the post.

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Until next time

- A



  1. Nice smoothie! A great choice for the heatwave, xoxo.

    1. thank you! and i think the ice just adds to cooling effect, perfect for summer!

  2. the smoothie looks delicious!!! ♥♥♥


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