Friday 9 August 2013

Review: Herbal essences - bee strong strengthening cream

How's everyone's summer? I hope you're all having a lot of fun because August is flying by and sooner or later it'll be School/College/Work/University soon....
On a lighter topic...i'm back with a review! I personally always use a product from Herbal essences and when i found a new product by them at the exact time when i needed a new leave in treatment i jumped right on it!

I have a new background again! tell me what you guys think, would you rather have this or the floral folder?

I actually purchased this product thinking it would be a pump with a serum like liquid like a Tresemm√© product i had used previously but i was pleasantly surprised to find its actually a thin spray and the nozzle works great as it spreads the product all over your hair. 

The colour is nice shade of gold which i believe is there to represent the honey and apricot found in this, Herbal essences managed to find a shade of gold that isn't too tacky which is what happens often when brands deal with yellows and golds. 

The smell is what won me over with this product its a very sweet yet rather mature fruity smell (not a strong fruit smell, slightly floral too), hints of the classic Herbal essences shampoo scent can be found in this which i'm used to.  Normally products that smell great compromise on the effect on the hair, i don't think this happens too much with this and it still works good. 

Apply this to damp hair and using a wide tooth comb, spread it from the mid lengths to the roots of your hair. 

Rather short review from me today, tell me which you prefer long or short posts?  Will you be trying this out? 

Till' next time honeys

- A


  1. I've been eyeing the range lol, it sounds great, I think this short post has been brilliant hun, xoxo.

  2. I think it's a wonderful range, herbal essences should be proud! Also thank you for taking the time to comment I have such lovely readers :) xx

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