Saturday 1 February 2014

Review: Revlon Colour burst Matte balm

Hello sweeties! First off I would like to say how truly sorry I am for how little i've been posting, I've been trying to concentrate on my youtube and as a result my blog has been neglected, but that won't be happening anymore as I have lots of posts planned!
So on with the review of a new product out on the shelves (and a new favourite of mine I think!)

Essentially this lipstick is the matte version of the beloved Revlon colour burst balm and personally I think it's great! I used to often try and make the other ones matte with powder and by blending it in with my ring finger however the need to do that has gone now that there's a matte version!

Consistency - Very similar to the original version, if not much lighter! Goes on like a dream - sort of how a primer might go onto the skin. The crayon style along with the smoothness means the lipstick can be amazingly accurate. 

Finish - You'd think that considering its a matte balm it would be drying and consequently leave your lips dry and chapped right? Wrong. It's pretty comparable to the original moisturising one and at times I can't even tell that I have it on. 

Colour range - The one i'm disappointed in this range is the colour range! There's just not enough colours to satisfy my need to own every colour! Revlon...get your act together and bring out more of this heaven. 

Lasting - Incredible! Need I say more? Lasts for as long as you could imagine, of course if you drink and eat lots the centre will fade slightly but other than it's fantastic. 

Overall I think revlon has hit the nail on the head with this range and the other 'shinier' version that's out too, which I shall own soon enough! 

Thank you guys for reading and as always don't forget to comment bellow telling me what you think of this product & any other recommendations! 

Till' next time, 


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