Monday 24 February 2014

Review: Seventeen Cheek Stamp Blush "Stare-struck"

Hey guys!

So i'm here with a review and infact this coming week or two you guys will be seeing a series of these, especially on the skin care side of things (spoiler - Garnier & Nivea). But for now i'm here with a blush review and I ended up purchasing a colour that I already have 3 other alike ones...oops. I guess I have a favourite!

You wouldn't believe just how long it took me to get my head around this, you'd think it was simple enough right? Get the sponge and dip it in the lid...well you'd be wrong. You see, Aida being Aida, I didn't realise that the blush was actually in the lid and I was there for far longer than i'd like to admit pumping the stamp like end thinking blush would come out, I blame seventeen for their new crazy blush idea. 

The idea in it self is actually rather appealing, until you have stamped the blush onto your face and you're left desperately trying to blend the product out so you know, you don't end up looking like a clown and I can say from first hand experience that you will be needing a brush to blend this out as your fingers just won't do. Which is shame considering the product looks like it's been made to travel with, what with the mirror on top. I suppose you could blend with your fingers but you'd be there for longer than you probably should be.

The packaging along with the colour range are great, it's certainly unique and I can safely say that i've never seen anything like this on the market before, so top scores for originality! The colour range also has everything you'd probably need (its not a very big one but its good) from natural berry like colours of 'stare-struck' to bright pinks like 'made you look'. 

All in all a pretty good blush for the price of £4.99, includes beautiful subtle shimmers and I can definitely see my self using this product as a daily thing, however for now I'm far too dedicated to my Benefit Rockateur to see my self using anything else. 

Till' next time lovelies, 


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  1. Oooh I like the idea of this one


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